R-Type 3D coming exclusively to PS3

The latest Famitsu issue revealed that R-Type 3D is coming exclusively to Playstation 3.

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CrippleH3069d ago

Awesome a new R-type. I love R-type games.

WildArmed3069d ago

never played R-type.
Im not even sure what to expect at this point?
scrolling shoot em up?
*waits for some gameplay*

TotalPS3Fanboy3069d ago

Expect the most hardcore shoot them up game ever!

Bathyj3069d ago

Yeah Man, R-Type is old school.

Twitch reflexes, memorizing patterns, never blinking, talking or even wiping the sweat from your brow.

Games used to be so hard, yet we seemed to play for hours on 20c.

Personally, I live in hope that if Wonderboy and Rygar ever come to PSN, I will mess myself.

ultimolu3069d ago

Oh snap! o_o

Never played one either but I'm a shooter fan so...>:P

UnSelf3069d ago

3-d? im hoping more like 2.5

3d doesnt work wit this game at all.

and all u potential disagreers who has never played a Rtype game, dont disagree just fdor the sake of it

Rhythmattic3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )


R-Type..... Oh Yeah.. Loved Rygar more though...

Still the game that ate more 20c than any other for me was Sinistar.... I thought Defender was hard (Wave 3 onwards) until I met..........................

Godmars2903069d ago

You want to know what to expect?

Its much like stuffing your butt with you favorite ice cream - or frozen yogurt - and shoving a lit stick of dynamite after.

Now, playing isn't the explosion, its the expectation.

CrippleH3069d ago

Youtube and google is your friend if you don't know what to expect.

cmrbe3069d ago

Defender Hard?. I owned that game on Atari to the point i restart multiple times without dieing.

coolcole933069d ago

There's a game I used to play just like this as a kid. We used to play it at my after school club. It might have been R-type but I'm not sure. All I remember was that it was a 2-D side scroller shooter, like R-type. We played it on the megadrive.
All I remember from it was there was a forest level and there was a blue/black level where these tentacle things attacked you. Anyone have any idea what that is?

Aggesan3069d ago

Of course it could work in 3D if done well. Star Fox already proven that the classic shoot 'em up concept works fine in 3D. I never really liked the 2D shooters, but loved Star Fox for SNES (Super FX-chip, yey! :-), so I hope this is going to be something similar.

gaffyh3069d ago

Is it a PSN title or full retail Blu-Ray?

vhero3069d ago

Not a fan myself but R-Type has a HUGE following especially in the UK I remember these games on my commodore as lad.

frostypants3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

R-Type...dear lord, the memories. Those games were HARD. I mean, on a difficulty scale of one to 10, if Demon's Souls is a 10, R-Type was a freaking 12...

himdeel3069d ago

...or whatever that game is called is a good game if you liked R-Type. It's pretty challenging as well and I like it.

darthv723069d ago

There wasn't supposed to be any more r-type games after 'final'. Perhaps this is a remake of delta or final in psudo 3d like what is available for the 360 (rtype dimensions). that is a sweet remake of the original.

Could be like the old school psx game philosoma in the forward scrolling levels.

DaTruth3069d ago

Had it for Sega master system and have it now off PSN. Never finished that game. Bullets and enemies just litter the screen in level 7 out of 8 levels.

PCengine(Japan Turbographics16) only had the first four levels.

Rhythmattic3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )


Good for you.

However could you do that on the Original Williams Arcade unit ?

I never played the 2600 version...

As Wiki states. " The level of difficulty of Defender is very high"

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kaaos6663069d ago

i want this game and thats that.

monkey nuts3069d ago

I had the 3d R Type for my ps2 back in 03-04. It put most shooters from this gen to shame. It was a mix of side scrolling and top to bottom but the way it was designed made it 3d - ish. Let 1 of my mates borrow it in return for Pes and never saw it again, though Pes was actually awesome back so at the time I didn't mind.

kurochi3069d ago

original was awesome when I played it at the arcades.

Timesplitter143069d ago


I hope it has multiplayer

Skyreno3069d ago

>> so is this psn game ?? never heard of it

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