Diehard GameFAN: Interview with Andrew Plempel of Hudson Entertainment and Jeremy Statz of Pi Studios about Bonk: Brink of Extinct

Diehard GameFAN's Alexander Lucard writers, "According to many, the crown jewel of the TG-16 was a game known as Bonk's Adventure. It was the story of a plucky bald caveman with a head twice the size of his torso with a knack for finding meat lying around as he went through 2-D platforming levels in order to Stop King Drool, an evil dinosaur.

Once the TG-16 died, Bonk wasn't really seen that much outside of a cameo is the Saturn's Super Bomberman and a critically acclaimed remake of the first game for the Nintendo Game Cube THAT I HAD TO IMPORT FROM JAPAN BECAUSE THEY NEVER BROUGHT IT STATESIDE. However, with the success of all three Bonk's on the Virtual Console, it appears Bonk is being brought back for one more go-around. This new game, Bonk: Brink of Extinction, will be coming to Wiiware, PSN and XBLA some time in 2010."

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