Kojima Productions Has The Most Awesome Company Photo

It's basically a fact that Kojima Productions are the most badass Japanese game team, but their new company photo has just raised their level of badassery even more!

Now we just need a CSI esque show starring the Kojima team and we're all set :)

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snipermk03336d ago

Does anyone else think they're posing like those 90s boy bands?

StanLatMarveldotCom3336d ago

Yeah, they do look like those 90's boy bands like Take That or one of those bands. LOL.

SullyDrake3336d ago

I love the Lost-style photo, 3rd after the jump! =D

sikbeta3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

@Eddy Raja

Isn't in the first Photo, The xbox avatar shoe guy lol

I Thought Kojima Team work in the Darpa Center or ArmsTech lol

ChozenWoan3336d ago

it's about time game studios expressed their creativity with their company photos. Can't wait to see more devs put their talents to good use for this purpose.

AKNAA3336d ago

well, in those chinese/ japanese movies anyway....
cool company pic still.

BLuKhaos3336d ago

Wow Kojima really knows how to dress fresh.

SL1M DADDY3335d ago

The chicks are hot too! Nice photo Kojima!

Jsynn73335d ago

That's Kojima Yakuza because thy run the gaming industry.

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rCrysis3336d ago

lol! that is so bada**

JBaby3433336d ago

That looks tight. Love the lights in the back and the colors in the photo.

nightfallinicedearth3336d ago

What the hell? What's wrong with that chicks legs. Something really messed up is going on there.

kaveti66163336d ago

Keep looking. After a while it starts to get normal.

Dir_en_grey3336d ago

Wow you are right she's got Gekko legs!!

UnSelf3336d ago

wait which chick?

Theres like 7 of them

coolfool3336d ago

but I think the chick 3rd from the left is hot!

I wouldn't want to cross her though. She looks like the type to break you in half if you got her coffee wrong.

Arnon3336d ago

Oh WOW that is disturbing.

f7897903336d ago

Guess the photo wasn't looked at carefully for knees bending backwards.

SaberEdge3336d ago

She's an alien, like most of the Kojima crew. Why do you think they make such awesome games?

No, but seriously, that's a nice shot of them. They look great.

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kaveti66163336d ago

The only thing that would make that photo look cooler is if there was a Metal Gear standing behind them.

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