Kotaku: DJ Hero Review: You Spin Me Right Round

Kotaku writes: "Into a genre that seems determined to turn our living rooms into plastic instrument wastelands comes DJ Hero, where one turntable is all you'll ever need.

While the Guitar Hero series is all about performing music, DJ Hero is all about perfecting it. Packed together with a plastic facsimile of a turntable, the DJ's weapon of choice, the game packs more than 100 licensed songs into 93 tracks, harnessing the creative power of some of the world's top names in turntablism. Talent like Eminem, Jay-Z, DJ Shadow, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Daft Punk provide mashups for the game, with developer FreeStyleGames' in-house talent crafting a few themselves. As a result of all that creativity, DJ Hero features the most unique playlist of any rhythm game out there."

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