BioWare Reveals Dragon Age's "Massively Single-Player" Details

Dragon Age: Origins won't Tweet, but the new single-player game will network console and PC gamers in unusual ways. That's because the games creators at BioWare believe that solo role-playing games should no longer be lonely experiences.

"One of the things for us that was really important and we're clearly seeing it on PC games - and coming across to consoles - is basically having a social experience of some sort," Dragon age's online producer Fernando Melo told Kotaku in a phone interview late last week.

"That has traditionally been the domain of a multiplayer experience."

Not anymore, according to BioWare.

The PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Dragon Age: Origins will all connect to Bioware's new "Social" website, which will collect data from player's games. The type of data gathered differs between the console and PC versions, but all will share some features.

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Software_Lover3249d ago

They had found a way for all of to play together online. Oh well Im getting it for pc more than likely.

WildArmed3249d ago

I gotta say that the online experience of demon's souls was second to none. It was the best implementation of online i've seen. I still get that lonely atmotsphere that dungeon crawlers give when im playing online :) GG Software
I hope DA is gonna be a great game too.

Lightsaber3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

jesus christ cant even go 2 post with out an idiot fanboy makin some totally unrelated post.

To be honest I see no point to this other then for their own market research. With out any kind of Mp/co op what good is it to the player

tda-danny3248d ago

Calm down. Hes a fanboy cause a PS3 exclusive was brought up? Demon's Souls has the best implementation of MP in an RPG to date - it is very commendable, and if you bothered to read the comments under the article (or even infured the reason for this minor addition to Dragon Age), you would understand that people are upset that there is no MP in Dragon Age, thus the comparison to a RPG game that did MP amazingly.

Or, just GTFO with your stupid comments.