X-Gaming Goes Around Microsoft, Creates Way To Make An Unlicensed Third Party Accessory

If you want to make Xbox 360 accessories you have to get approval from Microsoft first. Those are the rules. Unfortunately, the makers of the X-Arcade stick don't have Microsoft's blessing. However, they found a way to make their arcade stick work with an Xbox 360 and it's a creative solution.

First, you need to plug a PlayStation 2 adapter to your X-Arcade stick. Then you plug that adapter into an Xbox 360 to PlayStation 2 adapter and link a wired Xbox 360 gamepad to it. Finally, plug the daisy chained device into your Xbox 360 and like magic the X-Arcade stick and any other PlayStation 2 accessories become Xbox 360 compatible. Want to connect two players to a dual stick? Better get two adapters and two wired controllers.

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