2K Addresses Aussie Borderlands Steam Censorship

AusGamers: So the good news is that copies of Borderlands PC procured by Aussies from Steam definitely won't be censored. The bad news is that if you pre-loaded it already, you'll have to delete your files and download it again - yep, all 7GB of it.

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Mc Fadge3332d ago

Is more than 1/10 of my bandwidth, and I have the largest plan Bigpond offers. Some people are going to be pretty angry over this.

Gish3332d ago

You mean they still have limits on bandwidth over there?

Noctis Aftermath3332d ago

yeah it sucks, i pay $105 a month for 8mb line with 80gb total download limit (40gig peak/40gig off-peak)

Mc Fadge3332d ago

We have caps, I have a 60GB limit. I go over that limit and get charged 15c per MB. That's right, megabyte.

Myst3332d ago

I can't believe Australia is still being hit with that. Weren't there some type of moments to abolish that type of thing or was it mostly underground stuff?

In any event I'd be outraged about this especially having to re-download something all because of someone/something else's fault.

FinalFantasyFanatic3332d ago

Shockingly, no. Some people think that 25Gigs is a huge datacap, plus some people accuse you of doing not so legal activities if you have more then lower plans. Personally I think we need to hurry up and build the Fiber To The Home network so we can have cheaper broadband (we'd still have data caps even then).

With all the spin that goes on, the average Australian thinks our broadband infrastructure/plans are A'OK.

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