Mistwalker Artist Unintentionally Leaks Art For New Game?

Sakaguchi's studio, Mistwalker, just finished Blue Dragon: Ikai no Kyoju and have moved on to other projects. None of their upcoming works have been announced, but thanks to Watanabe, one Mistwalker's artists, we may have an early look at one of them.

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SpoonyRedMage3157d ago

Hmm, looks pretty nice. Wonder what it could be(I mean the game)?

Looking forward to their new game anyway.

Timesplitter143157d ago

I can't really tell what it is

HolyOrangeCows3157d ago

I mean, is that a dude with long hair or a chick with a man face???

TOO PAWNED3157d ago

Sony monitor, i guess Sony delivered Dev kit. Another exclusive, awesome

chrisulloa3157d ago

They're financially supported by Microsoft, don't see any Sony exclusives comin' anytime soon.

Arnon3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

Duh! It's obviously funded by Sony, what with those Sony monitors!


Baliw3157d ago

hahaha is just a pun but we all could faint if it really is a PS3 game.

Anyway, even i would love it I know is not coming.

ShinGundam3157d ago

Dell box version confirmed !1!!11

militant073157d ago

its DELL! and the sudio is built with the financial backing of Microsoft

droid and bot3157d ago

one of them its dell and the other one is Sony

on topic
any thing could happen

chrisulloa3157d ago

Because Sony computers don't run on Microsoft right?

Lightsaber3156d ago

He's using a Dell you idiot. The sony is just sitting there btw that sony is running of windows.

He's working in photoshop so the game has to be an adobe exclusive

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Infernostew3157d ago

I remember seeing this picture a while ago. This is old news, if it is news.

Obama3157d ago

Will the new game finally pass the 80 mark? :P