Want To See Rez HD Or Meteos Wars On PSN? Demand Them

Q Entertainment brought Lumines Supernova to the PlayStation 3, but they don't have plans for any more ports. Over Twitter, Q Entertainment said there are "no current plans" for PlayStation Network ports of Rez HD, Every Extend Extra Extreme, or Meteos Wars.

However, those plans could change. Their tweet right afterwards reads, "That said, if the demand is there you never know." So, if you want to see Rez HD or Meteos Wars on PlayStation Network bombard Q Entertainment's twitter account with requests.

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sinncross3332d ago

You know what to do peeps!

Get to work :P

At the same time me might as well bombard them with bringing both Lumines titles to the PSN for the PSP (even though it licensing issues preventing this from happening). It may at least show that there is a want for both.

Cajun Chicken3332d ago

Although I already own most of these on my 360 and I'm quite a fan of Q Entertainment's style. I'll rally on and get on this, because Rez HD SHOULD be on PS3.