Crushing Uncharted 2: Here's Some Tips Part 1

Need help to beat Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on Crushing difficulty? Here are some tips and strategies for beating the game on the hardest difficulty (Crushing). Crushing Mode can be rather difficult and frustrating. Not only does it take more bullets to kill an enemy, it takes less to kill you. This isn't a step-by-step walkthrough for the entire game, but covers the main gunfights.

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jhooty143214d ago

***********SPOILER************ *******
lol what about chapter 25 how are u ganna stealth
***********SPOILER*********** ********

natives lol

meepmoopmeep3214d ago

Part 3 will be up tomorrow. It will show some cool spots where you can camp and not get shot

NewZealander3214d ago

uncharted 2 on crushing was easy as compared to the first game, and no i didnt do the cheat to use perks, i did it the real way!

pretty easy platinum, well worth the time and effort, what an amazing game! ill leave it on the shelf till they release some DLC for it though, assassins creed 2 next!

Marceles3213d ago

cant even cheat without beating it on the difficulty anyway lol...but yeah, Uncharted 2 Crushing was even easier than Uncharted 1 on Hard

tdrules3214d ago

1. downgrade difficulty to normal.
2. activate tweaks such as one hit kill.
3. manually save, quit to main menu.
4. change difficulty back to crushing in main menu.
5. re-enter game with tweaks on crushing.

meepmoopmeep3214d ago

you mean the wooosy way?

i'm a man who can persevere, not take the easy road out. :P

sunil3214d ago

Gaming atleast for me is a relaxation method. Why spoil it with cheats?

callahan093214d ago

That doesn't actually work does it?

The Hunter3214d ago

Beat Crushing mode already without any cheats.. I Got also the platinum trophy for this game..

Piece of cake!

marcindpol3214d ago

does it really work?, please answer me:)

Naar3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

in your dream !!!

Marceles3213d ago

Starting a level or game with Chapter Select totally voids you from getting a trophy for any difficulty. Stick to one difficulty and only use Continue.

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CrippleH3214d ago

A real Uncharted fan will Crush Crushing mode without cheats and Uncharted 1 didn't let you use them.

Uncharted 1 crushing mode is much more difficult then Uncharted 2's. I love Uncharted 1 crushing difficulty better because I and my enemies have tons more moving space and brutal combos.

Nitrowolf23214d ago

Plat on this game, crushing allot harder on uncharted 1. I love this game now im on Multiplayer

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The story is too old to be commented.