Modders' 360/PS3 Controllers Perfect Solution For Crossing Platforms

These modders' elaborate PS360 joystick designs, found on Gizmodo, look like awful good options for anyone with the aforementioned hassles of crossing over between platforms. There is also the XCM Crossfire Adapter, which allows you to plug your 360 controllers into your PS3 and vice versa. The only drawback with the XCM, is that you have to play wired, and that can be quite a hassle if you sit relatively far away from your consoles. This makes these modded controllers seem like even better solutions.

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Software_Lover3248d ago

Not that playing is different. Its just that the 360 controller is built like a tank and feels better in my hands. I have broken 2 sixaxis controllers. One I have snapped in half because it's so cheap, and the other is cracked so bad that the l2 and r2 buttons stick. Not to mention I have the triggers on the sixaxis. I have strong hands, LOL.

Going to pick up a red Dualshock 3 Friday, unless I can get a mod on ebay or something.

Pandamobile3248d ago

I agree. As a kid/early teen I had a PS1 and PS2. I've never owned an Xbox but I've always like the Xbox controllers better (not including the first gen Xbox controller that was the size of a dinner plate).

D4RkNIKON3248d ago

I agree with you. I have always been a playstation fan since PSone, I have never owned an xbox or 360 but every time I hold the controller it just feels so right. Don't get me wrong, the dual shock is a great controller and has never let me down.

ape0073248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

when I was 10 to 14,ps2 controller feels just perfect but now the xbox 360 controller definatly feel mightier ,ds3 is great and all but 360 fits perfectly in your,it's quite simply one of the most comfortable if not the most comfortable controller my hands have ever felt,I don't need to adjest my hands to feel good,no the 360 pad actually feels like magnet + and -,feels so natural,so smooth around edges

I give the 360 pad 9.5

ps3 pad 8.5 to 9

I really don't like driving games on on ps3,when I press R2 and X for boost at the same time,it just feels uncomfortable,I really prefare X for GAS

wanna a perfect comparison


Bereaver3248d ago

So I'm the only one that feels that both controllers are nice? I guess I'm lucky not to have broken any controllers on either system lol.

To me, they feel equal, except the fat controller, I just couldn't handle that one.

Anyway, I like them both. Sony and MS both did a great job in my opinion.

table3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

I personally hate the 360 controller. It's fat and cramps my hands, the triggers are slow, RB and LB are awkwardly positioned, the anologue sticks are inaccurate and the d-pad is just plain crap. Fair play to all those who like it but it aint for me.

Sheikh Yerbouti3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

I don't have a 360 but have finished Gears 1 and 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Of all the features the 360 offers over the PS3 - apart from the games - the controller is the one I'm most jealous of.

I'm constantly hitting R2 with my big mitts.

presto7173248d ago

Been using DS since my ps1 days and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Microsoft Xbox 3603248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

DualShock3 is all I need and want. Every other controller is just garbage.

Schobeleth3248d ago

Am I the only person who prefers the PS controllers over the 360's? I absolutely hate the d-pad on the 360's controller, I still can't get used to it.

"Many claim that the 360 controller is too fat and that the analogs have awkward locations."

I don't think it's too fat, and I don't think the analog sticks are in awkward locations. I just HATE the d-pad. I don't think I've heard anyone say those two things about the 360 controller.

Also, @ Software Lover, were you TRYING to break your controllers? Christ, even when I throw mine they don't break. I don't understand how you broke them.

Eiffel3248d ago

So you're saying The old Duel Shock Controller and the Dpad PS1 Controller are crap? I could have sworn you were a complete fanboy.

Glad to know you hate something about Playstation or your statement would have been one sided.

Ontopic: I've gotten use to using both consoles controllers.

Got use to the Playstations controllers thanks to the Duel Shock on PS1

Got use to the Xbox controllers thanks to the Controller S on Original Xbox.

HolyOrangeCows3248d ago

I pick up a controller, put in a game, and forget I'm even holding a controller. Even if I'm trying new controls, I'm used to them in minutes.

And 3rd party accessories are your friends (MS would probably disagree...Propriety accessories FTL). Go out and buy a cheap 3rd party controller if you don't like the first party ones.

HDgamer3248d ago

I like the DS3's controller. Just my preference for shooters, fighters, racers and other stuff.

mal_tez923248d ago

I'll play on anything but and N64 controller and a Wiimote/nunchuck. Nintendo had it great with SNES and Gamecube, but the wiimote is easily the worst game controller ever.

IdleLeeSiuLung3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

The button were all misplaced. It felt like a Xbox/PS2 controller, but the buttons are all in the wrong places. Not symmetrical at all.

I prefer the 360 controller, but the d-pad is horrid!

The PS3 controller cramps my hand since it doesn't fit well into my hands and the triggers are horrible. Get some real triggers!

MazzingerZ3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Not saying the DS3 is much better than the X360's for shooters BUT it's way better than what people say...try playing shooters on the X360 with the bumpers (equivalent to L1,R1 in the DS3...that's exactly what people do on the PS3, want to play them with L2 and R2 when the shape of the DS3 is more suitable for L1+R1 as "triggers"

In the beginning games were mostly direct ports from the X360 version and devs didn't care about changing the control schema...after a while they realized that L1+R1 are more suitable for shooting and since then most of the shooter games have those buttons as default AND several don't even give you the option to remapping to L2+R2 so good luck for those making the "dream controller" for shooters LOL

goflyakite3248d ago

"One I have snapped in half because it's so cheap"
What the hell do you do with your controllers?

I do love the feel of the 360 controller in my hands, but i can't stand the analog stick positions.

Microsoft Xbox 3603248d ago

Yeah that's why I mentioned the "three" in DS3. One of the things that bothered me about the old DS controllers were them thick wires. Nothing is more irritating than trying to untangle that POS. No to mention the joysticks that never went back into alignment after heavy use. With my DS3 its no problem anymore. Even after a brutal UFC Undisputed or Fight Night session.

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Lord_Ranos3248d ago

I like both controllers.

Foliage3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

I could really use a PS3 controller for the 360. The useless d-pad and large analog dead zones make the 360 controller a joke for serious gamers. Anyone with a serious PC gaming background would agree, the 360 controller just can't compete with a PC. The PS3 on the other hand has an incredible d-pad and no dead zones giving you the nearest feel to a mouse you will get from a controller. You also don't have the awkward mismatch of not having aligned analog sticks where your fingers need to head at a different angle to achieve a proper location, what a mistake that was. The bumper buttons are too far forward for adult hands. I'm sure the next xbox will have a comparable controller to the PS3, seeing how much they have advanced since their wretched original controller. Until then, the tried tested and true PS3 controller is the only real solution for a serious gamer.

TheBrit3248d ago

The reason I cant get used to the ps3 controller is the darned speed in which the thumb sticks move in your hands - they feel far to lose and the controller in a whole is too light.

Those shoulder buttons (well i guess ones a trigger but not much of one) also cause me problems. I'm so used to the placement and size of the 360 triggers, the shoulder button and 3/4 of a trigger just drive me nuts.

Guess it's what your used to.

mastiffchild3248d ago

IDK brit. I've got a mate who can't use the DS3 as well as the 360 pad in his big sausage fingered mitts-and he's already(about a year ago now) modded up a 360 case with DS innards with working sixaxis and everything. He didn't bother switching round the buttons, mind, but it really works just like a DS3 and he loves it. Miles better than a wired adapter.

I'm the opposite and would be better off trying to use my mind to run and shoot on the 360! I've offered my mate the cash to use another pair to switcharound so I can play with a sixaxis case on the 360(he DID make one like this with the case he emptied for his 360 controller but someone else already had it off him so they could play fighting games on the 360 without that D-pad)as they're a really neat solution for me and my delicate, artistic little hands! Also, and a few people have said they feel the same way about this, the 360 pad would feel more natural to me if the position of everything was mirror imaged. I'm left handed so that could be why it feels that way and the SD3 doesn't bother me as the sticks are level and I'm just so used to one anyway. However, there's no way of getting one like that so I'll have to keep wondering I guess!

They're good mods though and I wish my mate would get his finger out and make me my DS3 with 360insides so I can finally play Gears and Halo comfortably without having to go wired or buy a dreadful 3rd party device(though I was impressed by both the Frag FX and another FPS specific thing I tried the other day-worth a shot if you play FPS a lot and dislike the consoles controller, imo.

The thing I do with my DS3, though fella, is I have a trigger extension on R2(but not on L2 for 90% of my gaming-sometimes for driving and fighting games it can be useful but not normally for me)AND have my analogue sticks tighter than they usually are on the DS3. It's something I've done since PS2 days(where I could) and I find it really can help my gaming to get the controller just right for a particular game and/or general gaming too. I'm going to try those daft looking stick extenders as well-someone said they actually do give you a lot of room to move your sniper sights accurately-then again I'd possibly end up with one just on the right, aiming stick.

Anyway, there's lots of options if you feel one of the first party controllers isn't for you.

BTW, just got off playing BlazBlue at a mates using a good arcade stick. Incredible difference! I already quite liked fighting games and always thought I just hppened to be crap at them! Thing is with arcade sticks I was OK and I really cannot believe how much of a difference they really made-my mate said they make even more of one playing SF4. I know they can't half cost a bomb as you'll not use them a great deal outside of fighters(esp 2D ones)but, honestly, I thought the advantage was exaggerated but wow!

TheBrit3248d ago

I just cannot use that duel shock. I have tried and tried, I just cannot get used to it after using a 360 controller. I have had a ps3 for a year now and played (I am not lying) literally 40 or so total minutes on it gaming wise.

It's just a means to stream my t.v shows from my computer to my bedroom right now.

Sheikh Yerbouti3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

then you are just lame. You should have that checked out. A controller wouldn't stop me from playing anything.

Unless there was no controller at all and I'm just swinging in the air or something.

Schobeleth3248d ago

Only 40 minutes and you expected to get used to a controller you're not used to? It'll take longer than that. I've always preferred the dualshock controllers over any competition, though I get used to another controller if that console has games I want to play.

TheBrit3248d ago

How can you disagree with the fact that I find myself unable to get used to the duel shock controller?!

I'm pretty sure I KNOW how I FEEL when I USE IT.

mastiffchild3248d ago

Mate, they mighjt, a couple of times, have been a litle OTT with what they said but all they really meant was they didn't think you'd given it enough time to adapt yourself to it.

I know myself that using a 360 pad is not the best for me(and can actually get quite uncomfy too) but I never found anything so bad that I couldn't muddle through if there was a game I REALLY wanted to play and I'd have tried for longer than 40minutes myself as well.

Gowever, even if the brevity of your DS attempts are a little surprising noone has the right to tell you your opinion isn't either true or heartfelt-for all we know it could have syatyed cramping you or anything. That said I do think they're just a bit surprised at you not giving yourself more time to adapt-maybe if you'd explained just why you knew after that time that it wasn't possible they would have understood you better, no?

No need for people to fall out over personal tastes by insulting each other here. Lighten up fellas! And, as I said-they're just shocked by the time and not knowing what it is that made you know you couldn't use one. No biggie.

SixZeroFour3247d ago

you have to remember that everyone has been new to a new controller and everyone eventually gets used to it with continual use...40mins is definitely not enough time to get used to a controller, and some are fast and slower than others with regards to getting used to a controller

i entered an nhl 08 or 09 tournament (forget which one) cause it was free and it was at a gaming tour that was in my area, but later on i found out that it was on ps3 (thought it was for xbox, cause the application asked for gamertag lmao) and the joysticks gave me a hard time, but hey, i wouldnt completely put it down just cause of that (came in 4th out of 12...lmao)

however, personally, the controller is one of the things holding me back from getting a ps3 and playing some of the exclusive games...if someone were to make a ps3 controller mode in the form of an xbox 360 controller (with the ds3 d-pad of course) then i would most definitely get a ps3 without a doubt

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