ND: Making games is harder than making movies

Think it's a difficult job directing big budget movies in Hollywood? Think again, because according to Naughty Dog's Amy Hennig, it would be much more difficult for them to make an Uncharted game than a movie of the same.

Amy was asked whether her team would be able to make a Film in the light of Uncharted 2 being compared to many movies, to which she replied:

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Pandamobile3003d ago

That should be pretty obvious...

unrealgamer583003d ago

it should be said that: when making a game of the caliber of uncharted is hard.

because there's no way in h3ll this is harder lmao.

mrv3213003d ago

Obvious title.

So your telling me making a story, getting actors, programing, product testing and advertising

Is harder than making a story getting actors and advertising?

Pandamobile3003d ago

You forgot animation and all that stuff :o

grantps33003d ago


i thought uncharted 2 was a movie ;)