Miyamoto disappointed Star Fox isn't very popular in Japan

Shigeru Miyamoto has said that he is disappointed with Japanese reaction to the Star Fox games.

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Greywulf2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I grew up with starfox.. everyone loved it. Even girls...

Bring it to the USA/UK(there are more gamers than there are in japan)

HardcoreGamer2970d ago

I PLAYED IT TILL I GOT 100 PERCENT ON EACH LEVEL couldnt do the last tho.

MIYAMOTO LOOKS SO PI%%ED in that pic, like he needs to go to the toilet for a second outing.

why use that picture? oh wait sorry i just realised hes suppose to look dissapointed. but man i never thought we find a pic of him like that

SinnedNogara2970d ago

He should release a new Wii (and DS, maybe with a Wii/DS connection) Star Fox game in North America and Europe, where they will be better recieved and will sell more. Satisfy your fans Miyamoto!

I really want to see a new Star Fox game so bad, I'll buy it for the DS. That is the only DS game I've ever cared about to beat 8 times.

Alex_Mexico2970d ago

I find it sad that neither Star Fox or Metroid are popular in Japan.

Apparently it doesnt have enough moe-schoolgirl-pantsu material...
I love Japan and its games but sometimes japanese gamers want me to bang my head on a wall.

SaiyanFury2970d ago

I'm not a fan of Nintendo's recent activities, I'll say it outright. That being said, StarFox was one of the last SNES franchises that I really loved. I'd like more StarFox support since I did love the last game on the N64. I have StarFox 2 on my SNES emulator and it's coolness. I'm going on 31 now and I gave up on Nintendo when the first PS came out, but Nintendo had some good things coming. StarFox shouldn't be a ground fighter or anything else. The original SNES game is still my favourite in the series. I can beat it in 15 minutes, and it's still the best. The fact is that Nintendo shouldn't keep hammering out the Mario license for it's sales. StarFox was awesome. To this day I hope Miyamoto does something more.

solidt122970d ago

My son loves Starfox. you bastard. bring it to the US/UK

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3sq2970d ago

Still clinging on to Mario, Zelda, Metroid and the old classic, eh Nintendohhh?

LordMarius2970d ago

New IPs are forbidden with Nintendont

HardcoreGamer2970d ago

REALLY CLINGING if you think about it take away mario and crew you got nothing left. but because of this sucess they are still alive in the industry and especialy with their smart minds to go with casual gamers.


Timesplitter142970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I have no problem with this. These classics are still AAA games and I love them.

Now if only those damn motion controls didn't exist...

EvilTwin2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

EVERY game developer "clings" to established IP. They stick with proven sellers. Nintendo just happens to have been around longer.

Y'know how many dedicated console Super Mario platformers (not mini game compilations and mascot games) there have been so far? 7 games. In 24 years.
[We'll get 2 more soon, so you could change that to 9 in 25 years.]

Console Zeldas? Also 7 games. In 23 years.
Console Metroids? 5 games. In 23 years.

Compare that to other marquee franchises.

How many Halos have we gotten so far on consoles? 5 games in 8 years.

GTA? Excluding PSP ports and DLC? 7 games in 11 years.

There have been as many Halos in less than a decade than there have been Metroids in almost 25 years.

...and people say Nintendo are the ones riding their core franchises too much?

Don't get me wrong, I was a GTA addict last gen. I love the franchise, and I'm happy for its success. But ya gotta use business sense here. When you have a proven winner, you stick with it.

Nintendo will be publishing games like Dynamic Slash soon. They already published Disaster: Day of Crisis this gen, too. Batallion Wars and Pikmin came out on the GC.
But they have to balance that with their big three.
Plus other franchises like the Excite racers, Fire Emblem, KI, F-Zero, Sin and Punishment...and yes, Star Fox.

In short, they have a buttload of games.

Enigma_20992970d ago

... When Nintendo actually pushes for more 3rd party support, what do people do? They complain because there's no new Zelda/Metroid/Mario game...

... When Nintendo actually brings out their newest Mario/Zelda/Metroid game, what do people do? They complain because there's a lack of 3rd party support.

Usually because 3rd party devs pass over the Wii because they don't want to make games on a system that can't show off swanky HD graphics. Which, while looking hella nice, always, IN MY OPINION, NOT STATED AS FACT, often comes off as a smokescreen for sub-par gaming or lack of innovation. "I've played this before, but man it looks great!" So in Nintendo's defense, it's "d***ed if you do, and d***ed if you don't." Which is sad and annoying.

solidt122970d ago

Nintendo really needs some new IP's. Every year it is Mario this and that. Mario is great but you need some variety.

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CrippleH2970d ago

Zelda and Starfox is one of the only IP I love from Nintendo. I'm shocked like Miyamoto.

ape0072970d ago

was one of the greatest games of all time

10 times more addictive than crack,seriously the game fun never ends in that gem

"remembers sf64 big boxart with the brandnew rumble pack"


CrippleH2970d ago

I still remember the time I've played the first Star Fox. Man I sucked.

LittleBigSackBoy2970d ago

I preferred the games cube one lol

Gen0ne2970d ago

I'm happy to see all the Star Fox love around here.

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Marceles2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Eh...I think the Star Fox series has become misguided after Star Fox 64. Adventures on Gamecube turned into Zelda all of a sudden, they don't know what they want to do with the series anymore

Bereaver2970d ago

So..... this is why there isn't a new starfox.

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