Ve3tro: Review, FIFA 10 writes: "Football games have come far from the nostalgia filled days of Sensible Soccer and Striker. Although the controls and game play were simple they captured the fun of football. Nowadays football games are confusing beasts filled with a multitude of game modes to please every player but do they still capture the essence of the sport, the sheer enjoyment that the classics possessed?

Usually in football games I begin to notice certain flaws in the game play and although small at first, they slowly build and become huge horrible monsters that make you go and hunt out your copy of PES 5. My main issue with FIFA 09 was the untrustworthy keepers; sometimes great, other times utterly brain-dead. Now the keepers, and the AI in general can be trusted it makes you sit back and really get into the match. In fact, I cannot think of anything that has stood out as a potential problem. It may be a bit over-confident to say this but I think this could be the one I've been looking for all these years, the one football game that I don't begin hating after 6 months of play.

Most of the controls feel similar to the previous title with two major additions being 360° dribbling and player urgency. With 360° dribbling a simple flick of the stick will move your player around with ease. I found it much easier to get a good first touch and slip past defenders without relying on intricate (and often ridiculous) skill moves. Combine the smooth dribbling with slick fast passing and you have possibly the sexiest football sim yet. Player urgency was a must have addition after the goalkeeper issues of FIFA 09. Now if your keeper gets chipped then expect to see every available player bolting to the goal line looking to do everything in their power to stop it. The rest of the mechanics seem to have been improved but not to any noticeable degree. Free kicks do seem different as I struggle to even hit the target now (let alone score) but I know I'll get to grips with it eventually..."

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