Madden NFL Arcade Preview -

Gamervision writes:
"I enjoy watching football. I don't catch every game, since it usually conflicts with my Sunday gaming binge, but I like the sport enough to pick up Madden every year. It's sort of a tradition, and one that I'm glad to be a part of. Though, after picking it up year after year, I'm not very good at the game. I'm able to hold my own, usually only losing by a few points at the end of the 4th, but I do usually lose. Currently, in Gamervision's online Franchise Mode, I'm rocking a 1-4 record, by far the worst among the actual players in the league. I just don't have the mind to read the defense or offensive line, and it really hurts my ability to see the oncoming sack or run play. I also love throwing horrible interceptions, but that's another story."

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