EGE09: Dante's Inferno Vs God Of War 3

Hands on impressions of God Of War 3 and Dante's Inferno from the Eurogamer Expo 2009.

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Chris Hansen3247d ago

PS3 owners get to play both.
360 owners . . .

Sigh3247d ago

Infamous vs Prototype all over again. Too bad 360 owners, too bad.

xcox3247d ago

get the shameless me-too rip off

lalalala3247d ago

As I expected, God Of War is the better game, although what did people expect? Exclusive games always look better than multiplatform games

DasBunker3247d ago

so it begins.. another prototype vs infamous fiasco..

we know how that one turned out..

WildArmed3247d ago

I dont like new IP vs Epic IP

Its like Qauntam Thoery vs GeOW franchise.

The already established IP has already proved itself. No need to compare the new IP to something that already has shown its potential.
Once the game comes out, then come out with the comparisions. Comparing games now is just plain lame imo.

Dante's Inferno is a new IP, give it some space.

Bathyj3247d ago

skv007, EA wont discourage the comparisons, simply because Dante is privelidged to stand in the same room as GoW.

But in the end of the day, all GoW clones are inferior to GoW, and that goes for DMC, NG and Bayonetta too.

Marceles3247d ago

"Overall, this definitely feels like and plays like a God of War game, and from what I played, it definitely is superior to Dante's Inferno in many ways. However, be sure to look out for both games, because both of them will be a lot of fun."

Hmm, I don't like that "however" word in there...from Eurogamer that usually means God of War is getting a 7 and Dante's Inferno is getting an 8.

mal_tez923247d ago

Mash button combos, or mash button combos?

Just joking to all fans, but I find hack n' slash games too boring and repetitive to enjoy.

mastemikegee3247d ago

the first release of Devil May Cry was in 2001
the first release of God of War was in 2005

therefore DMC is not 'another' clone!

and what about Darksiders ?? that seems similar to the both of them->(Dante's inferno, GOW3)

anyway, i'm getting them all cause they're all gonna be awesome :) good time to be a gamer i say!

Bathyj3247d ago

Thats why I made the destinction of mentioning it separately from the clones.

raztad3247d ago

I can imagine this situation:

GoW3 It's more of the same. It's like GoW2 HD. 70/100

Dantes I Incredibly fun game. Its Gothic style is impressive. 80/100

Xgamerzus3247d ago

We need a full blown Article comparison!!!ASAP
We want the specs the graphics comparison the game play the length!!!
If you want to challenge the GOW series bring it on!!!
Same for Forza and GT5.

I want to know which has more Polygons, which is more epic , more large Scale, best animations ,physics engine,load times, HD??,720p, FPS?
Just For taking so Damn long on GOW3, this game better be worth the wait if not, Dante has a new place in my home!!!

sikbeta3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

This game is good only for xbox owners, you know more variety is better but Playstation owners know what game is better since last gen XP

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talltony3247d ago

"The first thing I noticed was that graphically, this was much better looking than Dante's Inferno, everything was just that little bit sharper and there weren't as many aliasing issues"

gauntletpython3247d ago

Dante's is good, good enough to get both :P

gaffyh3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

I'm probably getting both anyway, but GOW3 is probably the better game, due to it's epicness.

kaveti66163247d ago


This is so stupid. Why must people make these stupid comparisons? The two games can co-exist. You don't have to compare anything. You can enjoy both.

nolifeking3247d ago

Or I can compare them and figure out which I rather get. People who b!tch and moan about things being compared need to grow up and realize comparisons are a part of life. Menthol vs. regular, Chronic vs. Stress, Water vs. Gateraid, ect. Just because something is compared doesn't mean they can't coexist. If they want money, you and them need to be ready for comparison to a similar product.

nycredude3247d ago

If you are a fan of hack and slash, and own a ps3 then there is no debate which is better. Just buy both because we know GOW3 will be insanely epic and Visceral is a good developer from EA.

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