I Think My Gameplay Just Stepped In Your Plot

Koku Gamer writes: "Storytelling in video games was a hot topic at the Austin Game Developers Conference this year. Well, it was one of many hot topics, but of all the sessions I attended, I found those about storytelling to be the most inspiring. And that's no surprise really. Stories have undeniable power. Stories have been with us since long before the written word, and have long functioned as a framework for understanding human experience and taking meaning from it."

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RedDeadLB3336d ago

As long as the story is so good, even mediocre gameplay can't ruin the experience.

Ziriux3336d ago

To some extent that's true, in a game like Shadow of Colossus, even if the game ended up having horrid gameplay I would have loved it.

DiffusionE3336d ago

True. Storytelling in-game is so powerful that half of the time I didn't realize I was playing a game, like in Warcraft 3, PoP: Sands of Time, Thief 3, The Witcher, etc.

That said, gameplay is just as important. Without storytelling & gameplay gelling together, a game feels incomplete and hollow.

Darkstorn3336d ago

Word. It really bothers me when I see people in Gamestop talking about how the story means 'nothing' and that they only care about the gameplay. I suppose anti-intellectualism is the word of the day in these parts.

Ziriux3336d ago

Any doubts about story line in games have been put to rest after our friends at Naughty Dogg released an amazing game such as Uncharted 2.

Darkstorn3336d ago

I wouldn't say Uncharted 2 had a particularly 'deep' storyline (it was just meant to be an action-adventure romp), but it was definitely compelling. I immediately think of MGS4 or Bioshock as games that successfully balanced a deep story with amazing gameplay.

mal_tez923336d ago

Any doubts about story line in games have been put to rest after our friends at Naughty Dogg released an amazing game such as Uncharted Drake's Fortune.


Tony P3336d ago

I know Uncharted is the hot new thing but c'mon, it's hardly the last word on the subject in a field with so many other worthy names.

Like Dark says, there are a lot of great (and daresay better) examples in MGS and Bioshock. ME too might be a good addition, but it's too soon to tell. As choice goes, Bioware talks a pretty good game about your choices following you, but let's see how that actually plays out over the trilogy and if it has as much impact as they claim.

Darkstorn3336d ago

True that. KOTOR is another great example of story/gameplay cohesion, as is Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (I realize no one has played this game, but it's simply astounding. You know what to do).

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Elven63336d ago

Fable II had some great examples, one that comes to mind is


The middle of the game where you have to kill the guard, you can either kill him yourself or resist, the guard will have to die but your morality, strength, etc change.


Heavy Rain seems like a game that might fit this writers criteria as well.

Ziriux3336d ago

Too bad heavy rain didn't fare well in other areas to make the game a completely great experience.

Bathyj3336d ago

What do you mean "didn't" as in past tense, like you've already played the game and been disappointed.

Care to elaborate?

Darkstorn3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I actually think Heavy Rain looks great. I hear they're dealing with some very controversial issues - it's not just a crime drama.
And what do you mean "didn't?" I highly doubt you've played this game...

Tony P3336d ago

Heavy Rain by all accounts should have a story second to none. But gameplay?

When I think of QD, I think their best gameplay is in Omikron and their best story (so far) in Fahrenheit. Omikron is all about possessing different bodies and taking on different skill sets to progress. Fahrenheit is all about discovering the secrets behind the protagonist. These elements are done very well on their own.

But the other side of the coin is pretty bleak. I would never play Fahrenheit for *anything* but the story because the gameplay is frankly unexciting on its own. Omikron has a decent story (hunting a serial killer, supernatural results; VERY common story for QD), but it has none of the narrative malleability QD is becoming known for.

I see HR as Fahrenheit. So little is said about gameplay and so much of progressive storytelling.

So I expect a good story worth a few replays, but a rather mediocre fun factor. I would be astonished (pleasantly) if it's more than.

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Carnage12903336d ago

I'm also really looking forward to see how Heavy Rain comes together. As long as they don't go crazy at the end like Indigo Prophecy did it should be awesome.

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