GamePro: The Saboteur Preview

GamePro writes: "My stomach is grumbling as I eagerly await my food in an alleyway pizzeria not far from my hotel. The only thing distracting me from my hunger is the amazing architecture of the city visible from my window seat in the restaurant: Haussmannian buildings with their gorgeous facades parted by winding cobblestone streets, colorful brasseries full of thirsty patrons, and century-old monuments all fighting for my attention. My pizza finally arrives, only with a fork and knife and no discernible cut marks. "When in Paris..." I think to myself cracking a smile."

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dgroundwater3248d ago

"Many of the set-pieces in the game such as the Eiffel Tower are fully scalable, and getting it to that point was no easy feat; the team had to jump through hoops with the French government just to show the structure lit up at night."

Haha wow. This really looks like a cool game. I'd gladly pick it up as soon as I see it for 10-20 bucks off. Assuming it is a good game after all.