EGE09: Heavy Rain Impressions, Ingenius

Shak @ PS3Center writes:

"The Eurogamer Expo 2009 started today in the UK, and I was there to test out the games, here are my impressions of Heavy Rain. Luckily I got there early and managed to get a full demo of Heavy Rain, and I'm happy to say, it's fantastic."

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gauntletpython3332d ago

Sounds awesome, this game will blow minds. My most anticipated game of 2010.

lalalala3332d ago

Agreed, sounds awesome from this impressions. If it's even slightly like Indigo Prophecy it should be good.

Cue the disagree xbox fairies...

Pwee3332d ago

Yea everyone who went expo so far says it's great!

Can't wait to play next year.

Jeromejones3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

gauntletpython I regret to inform you that someone has disagreed with you. He feels that Heavy Rain is not your most anticipated game of 2010 and that He/She should have precedence and a say in what should be the game you are looking forward too most

gaffyh3332d ago

Anyone who still wants to diss this game, play Farenheit, and then talk. Otherwise STFU.

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Bathyj3332d ago

God, no one gets this game, not even this guy who loved it.

These are not QTE's, theres no press Triangle, oh you didnt do it, lets repeat that and try to get it this time.

These are CONTEXT SENSITIVE controls, just like Zelda where the big button might open a door one second, but pick up a clay pot the next.

The difference with this game is theres no one button, no one choice right choice, theres many buttons to can press at the same time, or many choices you can make, and the action will play depending on what you did. You might do nothing, and then have to live with that as well.

To give an example, bad guy pushes you against a counter, on you left hand is a pair of scissors L1, a frypan L2, a remote control Square, on your right is a gun R1, a knife R2, a ham sandwich Cirlce. This is not a QTE, this is a crossroad where the decission you make will branch your story on a different path. Picking up a ham sandwich will likely have a different outcome to picking up the gun.

It all about giving you choices and you might have a lot of them at once and only a small amount of time to react. No other game has ever done this and its very dynamic and natural sounding, not like a conversation tree in an RPG, where you usually enevitably ask all the available questions anyway.

Also the control system is bound to piss many people off because it is different but it sounds ideal to me. You push a button to walk forward and the body follows where the head is pointing. This way forward never becomes a matter of wrestling with the camera as it changes because it looks to be very cinematic. It fact what many thought was a cutscene in early previews was actually being played in realtime, but the camera work is so varied and movielike everyone thought cutscene, and I think this is possible because of the controls.

GOTY is easy this year. Next year will be so hard.

lalalala3332d ago

The dude mentioned something like that in the article, to do with the glasses, and the fact that the QTE is unique. Although I guess not as much detail as you wrote.

Bathyj3332d ago

Yeah, I'm just sick of people saying this game is just movies and QTE's when most the time its neither.

Alot of people missing the point on this one, but that always happens when someone tries to do something new, yet when they dont, all you hear is no innovation.

pippoppow3332d ago

Since the developer walk-through. Let's hope that besides this game being a great experience that it also sells well so that it emboldens Devs to take more chances. Maybe we'll see more unique experiences in the future.