ND to tweak gameplay, punish quitters in next U2 patch

It seems Naughty Dog will be tweaking Uncharted 2's online multiplayer a bit, though, in an upcoming patch. They'll be making a few small changes to the basic gameplay, but the big thing they'll be looking at is punishing people for quitting the game early.

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gauntletpython3251d ago

Hopefully it doesn't change too much. GG really ruined KZ2 when they started mucking around with all the controls.

Fishy Fingers3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

I'm sure it will be fine, they aren't changing out of criticism, probably just experience. I bet the tweaks will be minor, just refinement.

Maddens Raiders3251d ago

ummm ok buddy, w/e you say. >_>

Pwee3251d ago

That's good news and I doubt they'll muck up.

And no GG didn't muck up KZ2, whachoo talkin bout?

GamerSciz3251d ago

Actually Killzone 2 and GG did one thing really right. If you play online then your deaths and kills count even if you quit early but your points/stats towards medals don't. Incentive to stay in the game until the end if you ask me. Yet at the same time if you had a really bad game and quit those deaths stick with you like they should.

HolyOrangeCows3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Bah, that's dumb! If I need to get off the game, I need to get off.
Why should I be punished for not being a little kid with all the time in the world for video games 24/7?

And if the other team is WAY too good, I won't have any fun playing against them and quit to find people more my skill level. Maybe they shouldn't punish the players for bad matchmaking.

Greywulf3251d ago

If you try to quit, it says you cant while playing online. Only way to get around it is to totally exit the game.

IF you do that, maybe it should detect that you're quitting and charge you $. Or remove rank

mantasis3251d ago

I haven't played multiplayer yet, but this seems unnecessary. Doesn't seem like a game that you would need to punish people for leaving...unless it's a clan match... this isn't a racer though.

ABizzel13251d ago

Thank goodness. Multiplayer is fun, but it has some problems. Getting by stray bullets when you're around the corner sucks @$$, as well as getting killed by grenades when you're far enough from them. And people dropping out of co-op arena and you not getting any points sucks.

Turn the aim assist down, fix stray bullets, and fix co-op and you have something that's finally competitive, because now it's just a really fun thing to hold you over.

Sarcasm3251d ago

"Bah, that's dumb! If I need to get off the game, I need to get off.
Why should I be punished for not being a little kid with all the time in the world for video games 24/7? "

Right because the world revolves around you.

Ever thought about the people who stay behind who has to play against the 5 other "good people?" Why not stick around and TRY to be a team member. And nothing is more annoying than some idiot who throws a grenade, kills 2-3 of his team members and exits the game with NO PUNISHMENT. Heck, there's even no punishment for team kills.

And it's even more annoying when it's already half the game, and the other 3-4 enemies quit, so we're running around looking for one guy.

As much as I love Uncharted 2, the system is flawed. They should take out rank and money from people when they quit. And if you REALLY need to quit, then you should understand the penalty.

But people like you are the type of guys who complain about everything while playing, and then leave because you cant take the heat.

Max Power3251d ago

In the first beta there was an option to kick someone on your team out. I got killed twice by the same guy because I got to the M4 before he did, once I died the second time it asked me if I wanted him to be kicked. Now I am not sure if that is still in the MP, but I hope it is.

whoelse3251d ago

I haven't even started U2 Multiplayer. The single player is so addictive... I need to complete that first.

CryWolf3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

I half to agree with you the matchmaking Suck in Uncharted 2 even when I was on the beta it screw me out of a new good game, I mean how are you going to put a level 10 against a team with a level 30 or 40 come on man thats mass up Naughty Dog need to fix that matchmaking system first.

whothedog3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

When you simultaneously kill each other when fighting, I hope that gets fixed somehow. Maybe add a counter in or something

And if you are going to punish people for leaving you better make DANG sure that I am in a match with no lag, because if I get punished for leaving a match filled with lag, I don't think its fair because I can't choose the game I want, you put me in that lag filled match.

HolyOrangeCows3251d ago

"But people like you are the type of guys who complain about everything while playing, and then leave because you cant take the heat"

Why should I stick around if I'm not enjoying the game?
If I'm starting to 'feel the heat', why keep playing? I play games for fun, not for more pressure.

Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy a challenge and won't feel any pressure.
But I want to face people my own skill level, and ND needs to fix the matchmaking to make that possible.

lalalala3251d ago

it's really annoying when people leave early, they should be punished. However if it is a connection issue, then they shouldn't be punished imo.

saint_john_paul_ii3251d ago

theres a few minor glitches i would like them to fix with this upcoming patch, one such fix, is Grenade freezing in the middle of the air. i know some of you have seen that..

mal_tez923251d ago

That should work fine, although a co-op mission on hard would be impossible alone.

The worst quit penalty was Cod4. I quit heaps of games because the crappy matchmaking on the PS3 version always put me in a laggy server that was just unplayable. My only option was to quit the game, this happened so frequently that is seriously affected my win/loss ratio.

ABizzel13250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Well don't play a co-op match then. You know good and well it takes about 30 min. to play through co-op survival so don't play if you have something to do.

Another thing they need to fix is getting hit by somebody when you're well out of reach, it's like they expect you to hit each other to death and force you to to hit, because if you run you're still going to die. Oh and both people dying after you start hitting them first.

ABizzel13250d ago

The matchmacking isn't always the best, but you have to think about things. They got to that level because they play more than you, and more than likely they know where all the Hammer's and RPG's are and they run straight for them, which is how they get high kill counts. Put a normal gun in most of any high level players hands and their average at best.

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Fishy Fingers3251d ago

Great, I really hate it when people quit co-op and your all booted back to the matchmaking, it's usually because they're rubbish.

One thing I personally want to see is the character skins allowed in co-op. That would be fantastic.

madmonkey03251d ago

yeh that would be good, running about as skelzor!

Knightrid8083251d ago

What's worse than someone quitting on you in co-op is one going afk for freaking 10 minutes. We were stuck at a checkpoint waiting for him.

But at least me and the other guy had some entertainment by killing the afk dude multiple times.

jjohan353251d ago

The best idea I can come up with regarding matchmaking is set it up like drafting for fantasy football. Order all 10 players from highest rank to lowest rank. Then snake them alternately in each team. For example:

The ten players are ranked 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

Team A Team B
20 18
14 16
12 10
6 8
4 2

Things get hairy when squads/parties are formed. I'd say do the same thing but go by the highest ranked player in that squad.

Ravage273251d ago

people go afk during co-op :(

theEnemy3251d ago

ND should tweak how coop works if someone leaves or disconnects form the game.

We we're playing survival, then when we reached Level 9, someone has been disconnected. And there ya go, the game ends without our 100+ points. We are left for a mear 10k+ points.


Also the matchmaking is sh1t. ND should add an option to choose rooms or w/e. Just like in MGO or CoD.

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kws10653251d ago

I hope those who quit the game, should be blocked from other matchmaking until the game they quit ends.

madmonkey03251d ago

aree, that is a good idea.

Max Power3251d ago

is a good idea, bubbles for ingenuity.

madmonkey03251d ago

i hope they punish the regular quiters, yesterday i was in a 5v1 deathmatch. becuase the rest of my team quit.

The Wood3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

the match making was poor for this isolated match though as the other 5 were a clan and were all on the silver levels.....40 or 50 + and none of us over level 19 so the other guys on our team just up and left moaning about the fact that they didn't stand a about cowards... It was just me and my mate getting pummeled by these dudes.... it was a massacre but in the end the matchmaking AND the cowards were to blame

BX813251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

I think that it's easier the less people you have on your team as long as they don't suck. I've quit a couple of matches because my team was horrible. I'm not the best in the world I average between 13 to 16 kills a game but I hate getting stuck on a team where everyone else is only getting 5 kills max. They need to have better match making imo. Plus more maps wouldn't hurt. I've only played TDM so I don't know if any of the other modes have different maps. I guess I'll go check it out.

UnwanteDreamz3251d ago

Levels in U2 mean nothing. I have played 40's that couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. The longer you play the higher your rank is. You should pass that on to any cry babies you run across. Alot of the high rank players I see haven't even beat the game to 100%.

himdeel3251d ago

...U2 is just as some have stated. You can play a lot of co-op and get to the max level without having ever played competitively. This is great for those that hate competitive.

So it's okay to stay in a game even if you see a bunch of high level people. They could've been playing co-op on easy. I try and stay in a game regardless unless I'm booted by the dreaded server connection error message when someone disconnects.

The Wood3251d ago

but these guys were efficient. The fact that they all reached the same type of level showed me they were a serious bunch. None of them used a live mic neither...Im no slouch but it was hard to get a kill off these guys. There are many high level wasters on all games but that doesnt mean they all are. Cant wait to meet them again with my own team as, as far as im concerned, you only get better by facing stiff/stiffer opposition but we all know this.

DaTruth3251d ago

Most of the problem is their ridiculous power-ups(or whatever they call them), Regardless of how good they are, they can keep shooting until you have to reload and then shoot you some more.

Caffo013251d ago

that power-up (more ammunition in each clip) is lv 12..or 14 i don't don't need to be high lv for that!

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Pillage053251d ago

It's great to see that they are actually doing something to address this issue. I think another great idea would be to not allow parties in ranked matchmaking. allow them in everything else but not ranked. or have a separate playlist for parties. There's just no way to make the teams fair.