iCasual: 4J Studios Interview | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Howdy there, iCasual listeners! Today on iCasual, we have an interview with 4J Studios about their new poker-inspired game, Texas Wuggle. Take a listen and learn about this new game, and keep your eye out for our review, coming Thursday!"

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bgrundman3248d ago

I totally nerd out on these developer interviews.

wondroushippo3248d ago

Yeah, I love hearing what developers have to say about their games.

bgrundman3248d ago

A card game developer? Is this really worth an interview?

wondroushippo3248d ago

I don't see why not, if a developer has something interesting to bring to the table, isn't it interesting to at least hear it?

Elven63248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

4J have also done all of the Rare N64 to XBLA ports (which have been awesome) and are also working on Perfect Dark XBLA.

Edit: Oh and they've also ported over a few games to the PS3 like Oblivion, Overlord, etc.

roblef3248d ago

These are the best 'casts, ever. We want more!