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GrE writes, "Developed by FrozenByte studios, Trine is a multi-character, 2D side-scrolling, physics based, puzzle platformer, with Role playing elements. Try to say that two times fast. Or three, even. The game is called Trine, after all…

The first impressions of Trine are highlighted by the elaborately detailed fantasy setting. Initially, you play as a Thief, swinging and grappling her way through a series of two dimensional jumping/platforming puzzles. Eventually you come across the big treasure, but unbeknownst to you, it's a trap..."

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wondroushippo2971d ago

This game sounds like my kind of game, control issues or not.

bgrundman2971d ago

Just use a controller and you are all set!

Maddens Raiders2970d ago

available. It's innovative (solving puzzles multiple ways with each character), fun, and drawn beautifully.

If you've got the money to spare; purchase.

bgrundman2971d ago

I enjoyed the hell out of this on PS3, but I bet it will never come to XBLA, because it is actually fun.

wondroushippo2971d ago

I love games with grappling mechanics.

roblef2971d ago

Yeah, gonna check this one out, but probably on PSN

Godmars2902971d ago

For $20 I really wish they had a demo.

Haly2971d ago

Same, $20 is a lot to risk

kingme712971d ago

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. PSN games generally get alot less press then their full retail brothers so a demo is very welcome, especially for 20 beans.

Arnon2971d ago

There's a demo of it on Steam.

champ212970d ago

there is a demo on steam..

the game is awesome

specially when played with friends... upto 3 ppl can play at the same time.

you really should check it out.

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The story is too old to be commented.