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James Bishop of TheGameReviews considers just how important the inclusion of Kevin Conroy and other voice actors from Batman: The Animated Series were to Batman: Arkham Asylum's commercial and critical success (Spoony Bard 4)

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Haly2944d ago

I'm ashamed to say I can't remember the Batman animated series although I'm sure I saw it as a kid :/
Greatly appreciated the voicework in Arkham Asylum though

shoinan2944d ago

You missed out - good times ;)

W-k2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

You are really missing out imo its the best super hero cartoon made.but if your interested I'm sure there are some episodes on you tube or outer sites.there isn't a better joker then Mark hamill or a better batman then Kevin Conroy.Batman: The Animated Series(Gotham knights)is better then all the batman movies put together.some episodes i would recommend would be: beware the creeper,all most got em,joker fish/the laughing fish. This game is amazing start to finish, hopefully there making another one then ending kinda leaves a hint that there will be a squeal. i hope to see Harley Quinn in the next dark night movie shes hot :P

Krud2944d ago

"Batman: The Animated Series" was the only superhero cartoon I ever watched beyond my childhood (though I haven't seen it in about 15 years.) And though Batman's voice was not entirely definitive for me, Mark Hamill was indispensable as The Joker.

cain1412944d ago

Mark Hamil is amazing as the Joker...

NeverforgetNES2944d ago

I can definitely remember watching this when I was a young lad. Mark Hamil is an awesome Joker.

Dave4Film2944d ago

Good article. I agree that the excellent voice acting adds a tremendous amount of atmosphere and authenticity to the game. Special props especially to Mark Hamil. A special nod also to the game's writer, Paul Dini. He was the producer/writer of the animated series who shows time and time again that he really gets Batman.

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