Online petitions work. Period.

Sarcastic Gamer examines the recent high profile online petition's and declares that the crazies have won.

From the article: "Haven't you heard? Online petitions seem to carry a stigma. For the most part, the Ivory Tower gaming enthusiasts had set forth this idea that those that produce and possibly sign such petitions are nothing more than basement dwelling, Anime porn lovers that do nothing all day but sniff vending machine panties from Japan. Yes, these people exist and yes there are some crazy-ass online petitions, especially when it comes to video games.

On the other hand, most gamers are like you and me. We play games and we have a fierce devotion to how the medium works and those developers and games that do "right" by a gamer. When something comes along that breaks that trust, we freak the heck out. Our only recourse? Mobilization. How do we mobilize? Online petitions."

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BadboyCivic3603252d ago

I know 1 company that could care less about petitions or its fan base...Activision of course

Cliff Forster3250d ago

Nothing says pro like the gratuitous use of the slang term douchebag. Stay classy my brotha!