120° Has the PS3 surpassed the 360 in value?

The PlayStation Show Staff writes: "With this week's announcement that the PS3 will be getting Netflix streaming in November I thought it might be time to take a look at whether the PS3 has surpassed the 360 in overall value."

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Natsu X FairyTail3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )


the answer is Obviously yes . PS3 been had More value.

N4G king3252d ago

" Has the PS3 surpassed the 360 in value?"

yes since day 1

TotalPS3Fanboy3252d ago

And now, with a price cut, triple A titles, more XMB features, and more PSN features, the answer is clearly YES.

FreeMonk3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Netflix is not available in the UK on both the X360 and PS3.

I'd love a service like Netflix in the UK, and although Sky is offered on the X360 now, and BBC iPlayer on the PS3, it nowhere near offers what Netflix does in the states.

Personally, I think the X360 offers a better online gaming package, especially when it comes to communication during a game, which is sometimes vital to the game your playing.

As for games themselves, Sony is definatly, if not already catching up with the X360, with class AAA titles like Uncharted 2 (SUPERB!! LOVED THIS GAME) and upcoming titles like God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain etc.

The X360 offers only a Halo game and Forza 3 this season that's first party, and that's it. The X360 is very light on First party games at the moment, which is a disappointment.

Overall, I still personally think that the X360 is a little step in front, if not only because of the online gaming service, but Sony is catching up, and could take a huge step in front very soon.

I think MS need to bite the bullet, and offer Xbox Live either free or at a discounted rate, just to keep in front.

If Sony want to take a BIG STEP into dominating over Live, they need to offer FREE headsets with there consoles, and offer a FREE headset to people who already have a console, like what Nintendo did with the Wii plastic condom holders for the controllers.

SaiyanFury3251d ago

I think the PS3 surpassed the 360 a long time ago in terms of value. A high capacity media format for HD games so they can include tonnes of content without switching discs, not to speak of the not-so-recent inclusion of DTS 5.1 soundtracks in games for those of us with home theatres. Shyte, I'm playing Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and it rattles the walls of my house every time I use the Sonic Erupter.

The built-in g-band wireless connectivity, standardised HDD, HDMI 1.3a port. Just a few other reasons to have a PS3 in your home theatre. Not to speak of the free PSN functionality that Xbox 360 players have to pay 50 dollars a year for. Over time that 50 dollars per year adds up. Leave us not forget the painless media server integration. The 360 is a solid gaming system, but when examined from all angles it simply doesn't include the same value per dollar as the PS3 as a home theatre device. The 360 has some great games, but it falls short in the long term as an HD home theatre device.


Duh the PS3 has always been better value than the Xbox, when it comes down to by the time you've bought all the accessories for the 360 that you need to compete with the PS3s feature list you've spent almost double the money, if you don't believe me Sony themselves put out a table comparing the relative costs once you've spec'd out the 360 to ps3 standards.

zeeshan3251d ago

@FreeMonk: I am sorry but what? PS3 is now only catching up to Xbox360 games? What? Hello? PS3 is so pass that "games are not up to the Xbox360 standards". I believed it had already happened back in 2008. This year belonged to Sony and if the list of already announced games is to go by, even next year Sony will have a big lead. There is almost nothing that M$ can do to stop Sony's momentum now. It's gone, it's over. It'll only naturally slow down next summer but till then, I am sure Sony will be in the lead in almost every way.

As for XBL better than PSN. Seriously, the ONLY thing that according to you is better on XBL is cross-game voice chat. I know it is ocming to PS3 but really, I KNOW for a fact that I won't be using this service. I like to play my games alone and not talk to idiot kids on XBL. I am actually scared that when cross game voice chat does come over to PSN, it'll become a little more like XBL which looks like a place for idiots who only know how to swear and insult other people.

How about PSN being FREE? Ever thought of that? People say XBL has this, XBL has that, f**k it! PSN has almost everything and it's even better cuz it's FREE.

Stop spinning every sh*t that appears on N4G!

Biphter3251d ago

Even at launch for 600 bones. Now its just more obvious to the general consumer since the price drop.

BTW The "Elite" name needs to be dropped from the 360, there is nothing elite about the 360 Elite anymore. 120G Hdd isn't big anymore and HDMI is sandard on Arcade now. Those were the only things that made it elite.

PS3 has Blu-Ray, Wifi and MINIMUM 120G HDD as standard. These features are MORE elite. For any Xbox 360 to have the "Elite" banner, it should have Blu-Ray, built in WiFi (n), Bluetooth 2.0 and a whopping big HDD (like 320GB Minimum)AT LEAST! Try and price that at 299 Microsoft, if you can....

Right now the PS3 is the Xbox 360 Elite if you look at it that way. Bizzarely enough!

Lifendz3251d ago

even when it was priced at 599.99 IMO. Yep, disagree and I will break down why if you want but I'm sure you already know it to be true.

At 299.99 the system is a steal.

sikbeta3251d ago

WTF this article is talking about, now because PS3 got nextflix has better value and before no?

What a Joke, PS3 has the best value from the begining of this generation, whether you like or not

Only delusional zealots can't see this

vhero3251d ago

It had even before the price drop its just more obvious now..

Arnon3251d ago

The PS3 has always had the best value from an obvious standpoint. However, it's always subjective to the user. I love Xbox LIVE and it's features, but if the PS3 had the same features as Xbox LIVE in the same fashion, I would probably chuck mine out... oh and it would also need to have some of it's exclusives... but yeah, for me, the PS3 is an obviously better value.

Godmars2903250d ago

Any point in mentioning that the iPlayer is free? Or bringing up Vidzone?

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Optical_Matrix3252d ago

The PS3 has had more value since the day it was available to buy

KingME3251d ago

I live rap and hip hop music, you like rock and roll. If both CDs were in the stop for 16 bucks, the rock adn roll CD would not be worth it to me. Thus for me, the Hip Hop CD has more value. And I'm sure for others the Rock and Roll CD would have more value.

So, the only true answer to the above question would be. It depends.

Godmars2903250d ago

Try applying embedded web codes onto the CDs that give access to web sites, one free one that requires additional fees, and you'd have a better analogy of PSN, XBL and value.

Mcrmarcher3252d ago

Imo yes, the ps3 has a hell of a lot more value.

The Wood3252d ago

about how much they make off accessories was enough for me to know the ps3 carried more value as most of those said accessories were already included with the ps3 plus free online and more games plus the HD format.

unrealgamer583252d ago

360 fanboy: but but last .fm

lol cannon

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