PS3 vs. Xbox 360: Feature Smackdown

PC World:

A little more than a month after Microsoft improved its Xbox 360 Netflix streaming feature, Sony finally brought Netflix to the PlayStation 3 on Monday. The new feature comes just in time for the holidays, when the two consoles, along with Nintendo's Wii, are expected to battle it out on store shelves with lowered prices and exclusive games.

With Netflix now on the PS3, I started wondering how far apart Microsoft's and Sony's consoles are when it comes to non-gaming features. Is Netflix really the great equalizer, as PC World's Matt Peckham suggests? Let's take a look at the highlights:

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Godmars2903255d ago

PS3 has DVD upscaling, 7.1 stereo support and an HD movie player with BR. That's offline w/o ever including the variable value of the web browser that is *never* considered in these kinds of arguments. Meanwhile the 360 *needs* an online connection and XBL to compete.

Narutone663255d ago

is one of the partners of MS in advertising. Don't expect PCWorld to give MS any negative publicity.

nolifeking3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

That would just make this and every other article like it pointless and further point out the true value of a ps3. I really don't think that was the plan.

ChozenWoan3255d ago

XBox360 gets a point due to Twitter, Facebook, and Last.FM?
Last time I checked, two mins ago, the browser of the PS3 allowed me to access those sites as well as Myspace, Wikipedia, Papa Johns/Pizza Hut, and everyone's favorite... N4G.

As for portable gaming console inter-connectivity, They brush off the PSP & PS3 combo punch. Once again they say that both consoles are about even due to Shane Kim mentioning that MS "MAY" one day make a portable console.

Then they don't even give PS3 full credit for being the only Blu-Ray playing console. They instead focus on the fact that Ballmer mentioned the possibility of an addon in an interview, thus implying that both consoles are even in this feature as well... such total failure it's not even funny. lol.

Home vs Avatars... hmmmm. One you can watch while it watches you, the other you can go about a virtual world and meet other gamers with. Participate in some minigames, parties, live events and contests, or just goof off talking about world politics while everyone is doing the running man to a new track streamed for free. Yes there is clearly no winner in this category. /s

The sad thing is, I was expecting to find a detailed chart showing a full listing of each consoles features and marking which ones they had in common, which where slightly different, and which just can't be found on the other console. Instead this article shows just how little the author knows about gaming and especially the PS3, and why gaming journalism is not take seriously.\

-Jump Beyond and Get to Gaming!

Time_Is_On_My_Side3255d ago

lol, you noticed what I noticed, and the thing too is if you say the PS3 is better by stating facts (not opinions) you're a fanboy, but if you love the 360 it's ok to leave out important facts (and state opinions), lol.

Maddens Raiders3255d ago

I wonder if Toshiba doubts it?

UltimateIdiot9113254d ago

This article is not even worth reading. I wasted a few minutes of my life.

The conclusion is terrible. He made it sound like the PS3 can't stream videos. What's netflix suppose to be for? Cleaning my house? The conclusion fails to mention the fact that the PS3 you have an option between streaming and bluray but the 360 you can only stream HD. The first premise clearly states that both system has/will have netflix which in turn makes both system have streaming. It's as if put some dots down and fail to connect all of them. Clearly this writer did not do well on his essays.

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UnSelf3255d ago

(Nathan Drake): "Here we go"

WildArmed3255d ago

you could have just said

(speaks Tibetan)

Saaking3255d ago

It's really NO contest. ANYONE who says the 360 has a better value is simply delusional.

Bluray? NO
Built-in WIFI? NO
Free online? NO
Exclusives? VERY little.

what is the point of even buying a 360 other than to replace a failed one?

i3eyond the Circle3255d ago

Another one of these?


mattygamefreak3255d ago

If you loved PS2 and are looking forward to expand your horizons to new IPs then hit up the PS3. If you love Halo, hit up the 360.

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