Halo Reach: Microsoft's Ace In the Hole

GB writes: "2009: according to many has been a year that belongs to Sony. With scintillating games like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Infamous, Killzone 2 and Ratchet and Clank Future: Crack in Time on the Playstation 3, it was never a doubt in the mind of a neutral gamer that who is running away with the show. Microsoft has had an average year, And please don't term me as a fan boy. The Xbox 360 is my primary console but even with some great games like Forza 3, Microsoft has had nothing this year. Some may say that Halo Wars was one of the biggest games of the year. To be honest it is not. 2009 is a year that Xbox 360 fans and Microsoft should probably forget about. After three successful years with the Xbox 360 (2005-2008), it was a bit of pain for the fans to see that the 360 had no real AAA experience this year."

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gameseveryday3332d ago

If sony has AAA games again in 2010, than it might be a different story altogether.

Natsu X FairyTail3332d ago

why If?

GoW3 AAA bound
GT5 AAA bound

Darkeyes3332d ago

"The situation will be the same again in 2010. Big games for the PlayStation 3 will be released and Microsoft will have Halo: Reach".... Yup, that is one statement that is spot on. PS3 will deliver throughout the year whereas M$ will start building hype for Halo Reach from E3 onwards like the third coming of Jesus Christ (the second coming was Halo 3)..

Frankly, I would much rather play TLG than another Halo. It might not sell Halo numbers, but no one will question this game for sure... But I admit 2010 starts with a real bang for both consoles with Heavy Rain, MAG, GOW3 and GT5 for PS3 and Alan Wake and SC:C for 360... Who knows, maybe Agent might drop late 2010 and be a surprise package all together.... It's a new IP I know, but I still trust Rock* (Even after their blunder known as GTA4).... Never underestimate those guys.....

Greywulf3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Im glad Sony has the ability to push out all of these great bar raising experiences.

I'd cringe to think of a world where sony just has 1 main franchise, then pumps 30 million dollars into advertising for the 1 franchise. Then pats itself on the back for sending 800 dollar swag bags to reviewers...

ehh.. just get the chills thinking about it.

LEts face it, as gamers... unless you're just a halo gamer.. more variety is in the playstation family.

TotalPS3Fanboy3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

That's a very bad strategy for Microsoft in 2010. That one game fails and it's over. But if that one game doesn't fails, it still doesn't help the 360 that much. There's no room for success with this strategy. Only room for failure.

BadboyCivic3603332d ago

Microsoft better get there s**t together for 2010 or its game over.360 has tons of hardcore gamers and if Sony keep putting out triple A titles then its goodbye

Milky3332d ago

Another Halo will make the halo fans happy, but that is all.

ps3d03332d ago

If sony and the ps3 won 2009 how come Halo ODST out sold every ps3 exclusive in less then 24 hours ? KZ2 had 8 months head start on Halo ODST too. Hell Halo ODST has probably outsold every ps3 exclusive combine by now.

"I'd cringe to think of a world where sony just has 1 main franchise"

Your so right its a good thing that has great exclusive like DMC4, FF 13, GTA 4 VF5 and Tekken 6 that all look and run better on the 360.

" pumps 30 million dollars into advertising for the 1 franchise. Then pats itself on the back for sending 800 dollar swag bags to reviewers... "

I was wondering how it is uncharted 2 got 11/10 , 21/20 and the ultra stupid 100/10 guess nothing like a lil money in the pocket of game reviewers to try and boost sells.

Ravage273332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Add Demon's Souls to the 2009 list of awesome PS3 exclusives.

Cold 20003332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

January: Mass Effect 2

Febuary: Splinter Cell Conviction

March: Alan Wake

Summer: Crackdown 2

Fall: Halo Reach + Fable 3

Natal and whatever MS are preparing with it

And thats ONLY whats already been announced. I mean this year we got Forza 3 and L4D2 announced at E3 and out a couple of months later so expect the same this year too.

Its funny with all that the ONLY thing u see is Halo Reach and go on an ad campaign about how thats all there is on 360 bla bla bla and how theres so much variety on the Playstation bla bla bla--------> translation = please buy a PS3.

By the way the article fails for the same reasons Greywulfs post fails.

Greywulf3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Alan Wake - Removed the sandbox & Dynamic weather. Absolutely no one is running around pretending alan wake is some phenomenal experience. Read a preview, journalists are trying to hype up flashlight lighting for christ sake.

Splinter Cell -Started all over from scratch and is using the unreal engine & looks underwhelming compared to UC1/MGS4

ME2 is multiplat & using the unreal engine. Good game

Crackdown 2 - the first one was decent, no issues there.

Fable 3 & Yet another Halo Game & Natal... great.

No one said there aren't any games, but you are kidding yourself if you think any of those will be bar raising experiences. Which is what I said, and which is why I'm happy Sony spends times making games versus rushing 1.5 versions out or removing gigantic features(sandbox from alan wake) because the system can't handle it.

I'm sure you're going to enjoy all that just like everyone enjoyed velvet assassin this year and the rest of the laughable lineup. Rewind to 2007, you are still found hyping Alan Wake & Splinter Cell, lets not act like these are unannounced titles, or there are more in the can. Like MAGNA CARTA 2!

GWAVE3332d ago

Microsoft did the same thing in 2008 (Gears 2, Fable 2) and in 2009 (Forza 3, Halo:ODST)...

Their big games came at the end of the year, and there were only 1 or 2 games.

On the other hand, Sony had a new, AAA exclusive coming out once every two or three months for the WHOLE YEAR.

That's why I own a PS3.

Cold 20003332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Im going to do exactly what u did right there

Heavy Rain: good graphics but boring gameplay. QTE adventure isnt really groundbraking

GOW3: played GOW and GOW2 ? Well you've played GOW3 then. Nothing new overthere *yawn*

GT5: GT4 and GT5P werent quite AAA (check metacritic) but GT5 might probably score 90+ this time around.

Motion Controller: Sorry I already got a Wii.

Last Guardian: yeah very good game if its anything close to SoTC

WKC: who cares when you have FF13 and anyways it got very average reviews

MAG: PSP graphics, nothing new, generic look, generic name. REEEAAALLYY "bar raising" /sarcasm.

Thers absolutely NOTHING to be excited for.

But I bet you'll come here saying that it was "bar raising" and what an incredible experience all those games were when everyone knows you're just a tool that will eat up anything as long as its on the PS3. And if any one of them doesnt get AAA scores all you'll do is is come up with a conspiracy theory and try to convince yourself that it was indeed a "bar raising" experience lol.

Greywulf3332d ago

I think we all know that MS hasn't had an amazing console experience in the past 5 years that trumps anything the PS3 is capable of. Which is why I said that Sony spends money on bringing experiences that are second to none, while MS doesn't. Your personal opinion about games has nothing to do with that. It doesn't add sandbox to Alan Wake, and it doesn't make Splinter cell look any better than Gears1.

The franchises you listed with the exception of Heavy Rain are all larger franchises than the 360's non-halo lineup & is bringing new features to gaming like 256 people. And not only that, there is a variety of franchises there. Which is also what I said. Not putting everything into 1 halo & 30 million dollar advertising campaigns for it.

I started out saying MS doesn't drive innovation or bar raising technology with their games, & you simply can't refute that.

likedamaster3332d ago

Either way NO ONE will buy Sony's "so called" AAA exclusives.

Cold 20003332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Geez dude I gave u a list of 5 or 6 DIFFERENT blockbuster games on the 360 next year and you STILL insist that Halo is all that MS has in 2009. Fanboyism cant go any further where u simply choose to ignore the evidence.

Anyways games like WKC, GT5, GOW3 and the motion controller arent at all innovating and dont bring anything new at all to the table.

But hey nothing can keep you from convincing yourself that they are groundbreaking but your personnal biased and predetermined opinion wont make those games any more special or "bar raising" like u say than they're really are.

"Which is why I said that Sony spends money on bringing experiences that are second to none, while MS doesn't". Geez dude a game like ME is a 100000 times deeper,more mature, memorable than anything on the PS3 except for perhaps MGS4.

cmrbe3332d ago

Really??. Even with ODST selling a reported 2 million on first day it didn't manage to get much more gamers to buy a x360. Most have already bought one for Halo 3 especially.A few for Halo wars and ODST. With more than 13 million Halo games sold this gen sofar. What make you people think there will be more new gamers to buy a x360 for Reach?. Halo is over used and quite frankly i think almost everyone that has an interest in Halo has bought a x360 already. That is what MS is up against. To be honest i think Natal has a bigger chance of getting people to buy an x360 than another Halo. With Natal MS has the chance of attracting new gamers from the wii camp. Fat chance but the possibility is there.

TotalPS3Fanboy3332d ago

It != new peoples buying 360. One game isn't enough to get enough people to buy the 360.

With Sony's superior line up in 2010 + price cut, millions of new peoples are going buy the PS3Slim.

The result: Sony winning the console war.

Greywulf3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Says the guy that mentioned Natal as a major 2010 feature... right?

None of those games you listed are "BLOCKBUSTER" titles minus Halo and maybe ME, lol. ME is great, but its on the PC & probably headed to the PS3. better/mature/deeper/ than anything on the PS3? I'm sure you believe that.

When was the last SC "BLOCKBUSTER?" same with fable & crackdown.

I'd love to smoke some of what you have over there. Because not a single game you listed defines bar raising, where as by definition.. all the titles you mentioned for the PS3 do... Again.. you can pretend they aren't, and you can come up with reasons that you think they aren't.. gladly the rest of the world has eyes for themselves. The hotness of the games news on the site pretty much illustrates how much of a buzz the games are u mentioned. For the same reasons you fell over yourself playing GEars 1.5, you surely can find the reason to play God of war 3 right? I mean playing rehashes of Halo dlc isn't a problem.. but playing a all new game is.

Velvet Assassin, Race Pro, NG2, and Magna Carta2 were all "BLOCKBUSTER" this year as well, and the only game that made any hot news was Halo Wars & Halo ODST.2010 will be full of the same old 1.5 versions of games for the 360, and probably retail priced DLC. I laugh at anyone that thinks unreal engine multiplatform Mass Effect 2 has anything on Last Guardian.

mantasis3332d ago

@greywulf & 2000

Greywulf - you're being a rabid fanboy right now. You're giving the benefit of the doubt to all the upcoming PS3 games as being AAA games, but shoot down the 360 ones...even though they're clearly good looking games. Unreal engine sucks, but that doesn't mean a dev can't put out an impressive game out of it, especially on the 360. But I gotta agree that 2010 will probably be another sony year, UNLESS Natal proves to be as big as it's made out to be now.

2000 - I'm gonna guess that your ps3 bashing list was just to get back at greywulf, and you weren't actually serious about the comments, as all those games will be incredible experiences.

Jaces3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

OMG, someone with a brain. Bubbles up for being the better man.

Both PS3 and 360 will have some uber games out next year. On topic, Halo is like any other franchise out there milking their game like no tomorrow. The only thing I care about is if it's good. I don't need innovation in a game to make it worth playing, like so many of you rabid fanboys believe. Perhaps a little change with the weapons or even the environment itself.

For instance Halo:ODST. It wasn't a huge change but it was enough to make it feel a little fresh. For Reach I'm hoping for a complete overhaul.

gamesR4fun3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

they are gonna use it to try n relaunch the failing 360 as a wii contender. expect gears of war3 to b one of the hyped games on it. they are already starting to hype it has the next next gen console lol.

funny thing is they are gonna use hardcore games ta launch it in order to try n break into the casual market. I jus dont think its gonna fly they need a mario or something (anything would b better than milo) well who knows maybe rare is working on one now... But one things for sure if the casuals wanted gears or master chief they'd already have a 360.

Also unless they put in a major graphics boost like more ram in the natal upgrade i cant see it outperforming the ps3.

SaberEdge3332d ago

Well, the PS3 definitely had the better year and with the Netflix announcement it is basically kicking the 360's butt in 2009. But next year looks more even. Halo Reach will likely be a massive game, but there are quite a few other 360 games that look promising as well.

This competition is insane and is, in my opinion, creating a gamer's paradise.

Megatron083332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Greywulf lets look at some of those innovations that sony used to raise the bar. 1st we have the psn a scaled down and poorly put together copy of xbl. We have the guide button copied from the 360 controller. Of course the sixasis controller sony's 1st failure at copying motion control from the wii. The they add "last gen" rumble to copy MS once again. Now they want to bring us the ps3 wand that is nothing more then a wii mote modded to to work on a ps3. There are also the achievements rip off what sony call that stolen idea 453396 ? Now they want to add netflix too. Whats next facebook , twiiter and last fm ?

maybe we should just out some of those innovating games sony made ?

KZ2 FPS and a poor one at that
Mag FPS 256 players ultima online had thousands of players back in 1997.
Haze FPS
Resistance 1&2 2 more FPS yes oh so innovating.
GT5 Racing game and they made 4 other just like it of course didnt take them over 5 years to make the others
MGS4 shooter but I guess you can call needing to do do an install every 5 mins innocating
Uncharted 1 & 2 yet to more boring shooter. Does Sony know there are other types of games they could make

All i see is sony stealing ideas from every one else and the innovating idea of needing to spend more time installing games then you do playing them.

HolyOrangeCows3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

*January: Multiplat

*February: Multiplat

*March: Former multiplat turned xbox exclusive with gimped open world

*Summer: Crackdown's going to have multiplayer....with lock on. Do you believe that?

*Fall: MOAR halo, and another overstated, PR-hyped-to-death game

Enjoy 2010, which you so desperately try to raise as a great year of software.

RockmanII73332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Mantasis = More brains than a zombie could ever hope for

Anon19743332d ago

I have a friend that was going to lend me ODST because I still want to give it a try, but I'm glad I didn't spend my money on it. I don't play online with my 360 and he said he finished the single player campaign in about 2 hours.

I've always loved Halo, but I can't wait to Bungie brings on a new, full Halo game. Had they released this as a cheaper, downloadable item they probably would have got my money.

I guess they knew what they were doing though. Almost 3 million copies sold already, the bulk to the Americans. Bungie knows their audience.

3332d ago
WildArmed3332d ago

Atm I'm looking forward to Fable 3, Alan Wake, SC:C alot more then another Halo title.
Bungie is gotta prove to me that I'm not buying a paintjob again and again.
I WANTS to see the new engine, no more of that uber plastic shiny stuff please

kalebgray923332d ago

there is also mass effect 2.... omg i loved the first one.... one of the best games this gen... best on 360..... but thats it.... im sorry but ps3 wins in the game department.... microsoft is just focusing on social networking... probably beefing it up so they can charge more... their only thing stopping them .... ps3 is getting what they have once cross game chat is allowed they got nothing on psn

DevastationEve3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Oh man. Halo Reach will put a serious crater in Sony's forehead next year. Yeah, it's suddenly gonna hit them that for 8 years they've PHAILED at taking on Halo.

My condolences to Sony...they're gonna need it.

edit: oh, just so everyone knows i no longer have a beef with sony or their ps3. i don't own a sony console only because i refuse to lay out more cash for a second machine when my xbox 360 works great for me as it is.

but if you have a beef with ME liking xbox 360 and showing my support for them then i have a beef with you.

DevastationEve3332d ago

Here's a funny revelation...I used to think the console war wasn't real. That fanboys can't possibly exist outside of the web.

But...there's a ****ing PS3 fanboy at the Best Buy store I work at. And I don't wanna be enemies with him. So that's why I'm calling it off...but he's already giving me the fanboy superiority sh*t.

IcarusOne3332d ago

Does anyone know what kind of game Reach is going to be? (I'd prefer legit mature answers - I realize this kind of question is like tee ball for the fanboys.)

NoBias3332d ago

If they went 3rd person on us. Or at least give us some sort of cover system.

Either way, I bet Bungie's gonna drop some shocking twist on gameplay.

Lightsaber3332d ago

IcarusOne No one knows yet. I'm guessing its a FPS its rumored to have graphics that are on par with the best games out there. Seeing as how Halo 3 graphics were the low point of the game. I'm not a halo fan but I cant wait to see what they are goin to be doin with this game.

morganfell3332d ago

Thinking that 1 game can save you is the equivalent to admitting you are a one trick pony.

At this point in gaming, one title isn't enough. It takes a plethora of not only current titles but planned games as well. Multiplatform alone doesn't cut it no matter how many 360 bundles they create. Sony has more studios than MS and Nintendo combined.

In addition your console needs to offer a multitude of media related abilities. This includes true next gen offerings and there is only one such console on the market with Bluray, an inexpensive user expandable storage ability, as well as open development architecture. Do we even need to mention support for external hard drives?

zeeshan3332d ago

How can guys at Bungie feel comfortable working on the same game over and over and over and over again!!!!????? I mean, why can't they just try to get OVER it by NOT making the same thing over and over again!? M$ could really use a AAA exclusive for 360 so why not come up with a new IP?

edgeofblade3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

I think it's very funny how everyone criticizes Microsoft for banking so heavily on Halo, even though it's a strategy that drums up more support for one franchise than Sony sees all year. I hate to say it, but this is not the age of original IP. We are in a recession after all. The safe play is the smart play.

Though, I do have a "new" used copy of Uncharted 2 at home, and I am looking forward to playing when I can peel the wife off the TV.

@zeeshan: That's easy. Bungie likes success, they have a formula that works, and people still demand more halo. They would be crazy to leave all that behind because a cabal of armchair analysts think they know better.

frostypants3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Halo "Reach" indeed. Microsoft is indeed "reaching" to think this is a viable strategy. And what's with the continued use of the Unreal engine in their other exclusives? I mean COME ON. Is it still 2007? Halo and Unreal games...every f*cking year...

This legitimately pisses me off. Without competition, things stagnate. The gaming industry NEEDS multiple platforms with good and truly exclusive (not bought exclusive) content that highlights the benefits of each system.

The nightmare scenario is in 10 years we're all playing CoD 14, Madden '20, and Underwhelming-Brown-Looking-Un real Engine-Game #857 on our Electronic Arts PlayBoxes. *cringe*

sikbeta3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

M$ is in a Bad situation, they have a few games for 2010 and is really dependent to Third Party Devs, Halo will sell like always because of it fanbase, this is not helping to sell more hardware, so fail for M$ market share purpose

This is how M$ works, they lose money on the xbox division, but gain money on the OS division, so they invest the money gained on the xbox division again, from an average person is an stupid move, but M$ think in market share and the possibility of create a fanbase that will support the xbox brand, but they are Wrong

4 years have passed and they manage to sell +30m consoles with 1 year head start and with a low price than the competition, Sony knows that has a fanbase, start with higher price and sold 20m consoles, now at $300 every Ps2 owner already make his choice and is the PS3

PS3 line-up is amazing and convince very easily to PS2 owners and gamers
On the PS3 you have sequels + new games + multiplat games that a Playstation owner associate with Playstation like FF, DMC, RE, PES, FIFA, NFS, etc

This a good lesson for M$, you can't depend in only 1 franchise like Halo, because even if sell so well, the buyers are already owners and your market share strategy goes to hell easily

DevastationEve3331d ago

Frosty pants...everything you just managed to vomit didn't make sense.

*As far as game franchises that have lived on too long, Metal Gear Solid would know a little about that. So would Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and Castlevania. Your criticism should extend further than Xbox as there are examples on Sony's own consoles. I mean look at how many of those titles I mentioned above harken back to the original PlayStation! And how many before?!

*Your criticism of the Unreal Engine isn't any good either. Lost Odyssey for instance was a very colorful and sophisticated modern rpg that used Unreal. In fact ANY Unreal based game can be colorful, what you inept fanboys don't understand is the game engine is colorless. It's impartial, it's transparent! It's just the code that forms the basis for how a game runs and how it's all organized. Saying that all Unreal games are grey isn't any more accurate either. Adjust your TV.

*This gen has seen three Halo games and two Gears of War games. How can you say Halo and Unreal every year? Unless you mean Unreal based, which wouldn't add up to much either. You guys overstate how many games are Unreal based.

Gears of War - 2006
Bioshock - 2007
Mass Effect - 2007
Lost Odyssey - 2008
Unreal 3 - 2008
Gears of War 2 - 2008

There might be like 1 or 2 others, but seriously it's not all that Xbox 360 can do. Resident Evil 5, Final Fantasy XIII, Devil May Cry IV, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Assassin's Creed are all different games from different developers with different engines.

Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake, Halo Reach, Lost Planet 2, Assassin's Creed 2, Castlevania Lords of Shadows, and Metal Gear Solid Rising will prove next year that 5 years in Xbox 360 still produces generation-leading visuals.

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Natsu X FairyTail3332d ago

"to be honest it is not. 2009 is a year that Xbox 360 fans and Microsoft should probably forget about."

lmao so true

i3eyond the Circle3332d ago

How so?

I played way too many games on 360 this year.

Star Ocean 4
Ninja Blade
Forza 3
Magna Carta 2 (Underrated)
Shadow Complex
Still waiting on L4D2

I buy all multiplatforms on 360 for XBL and other technical reasons.

All in all I gamed as much as I did on my Xbox360 than I did any other year.

BadboyCivic3603332d ago

i thought that was funny as hell...its like saying 2009 never happened

HolaTarola3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

i3eyond the Circle, I know you're a heavy Xbox 360 supporter, but sometimes you have to accept reality; look at Natsu X FairyTail, he was a major Xbox 360 fanboy, but he changed, now he still likes the Xbox 360 AND also loves the PS3, he's now a gamer.

Star Ocean 4 (Beta compared with the version PS3 is gettin'. So-so RPG btw..)
Ninja Blade (really?)
GTA4 TLAD (DLC of a 2 year old game)
Forza 3 <-- Ok
Magna Carta 2 (horrible RPG not underrated at all, deserves the bad reviews)
Shadow Complex <-- Arcade game, very good though
L4D2 <-- Ok

Only 2 "AAA" games, not sure about L4D2 though..

PS3 got:

Killzone 2
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Demon's Souls
Uncharted 2 <-- One of the best games of the decade.
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

6 "AAA" games.

And since you put Arcade games, then PS3 got:

Fat Princess
WipEout HD Fury

Also, if you listed mediocre games like "Ninja Blade", then the PS3 ALSO got:

Supercar Challenge
Katamari Forever

See the difference?

i3eyond the Circle3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Congratz on making a list...not like I haven't seen one of those before.

I listed the games >I< played.

You could throw an AAA sticker on anything that doesn't change the fact that I only played them to beat them then never played them again.

Uncharted 2 - 17hours
KZ2 - A little over 6.
inFamous - 11 hours on each side.

Only Ps3 games that interested me and I bought this year.

You probably haven't even played Magna Carta2 let me guess your looking at reviews?

But now since I called that out your going to say you've played it.

That's how it works on N4G. Go ahead.

Let's not forget multiplatforms either.

They seem to not exist on this site either even when they outsell and are played more than any of the exclusives anyone lists.

SnuggleBandit3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

"They seem to not exist on this site either even when they outsell and are played more than any of the exclusives anyone lists."

where do 360 supporters come up with this sales=quality logic?? Seriously they bring it up ALL the time. Ya multiplat games are more POPULAR, but that doesn't mean better. Hanna Montana and the Jonas Brothers sold the most albums last year but were they the best singers or make the best music??

HolaTarola3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Well, the games that I listed, are the games ->I<- played too.

With the exception of R&C: ACIT (can't wait for it) I've play them all, even the "mediocres" ones.

And what's with the hours? Do I have to tell you that the arguably major Xbox title of the year was a expansion of 3 hours? 3 HOURS!! really? Give me a break.

Again, accept REALITY, nobody is saying that the 360 had no games this year, hell no, we're saying that the PS3 had A LOT more games, that's the REALITY and that's the point of the article and the point of this discussion and also the reason why you're being delusional.

sack_boi3332d ago

Don't you guys ever get tired of repeating the same sh!t over and over and...

i3eyond the Circle3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I understand that.

But the REALITY I'm getting across to you is that I played more on my Xbox360 and enjoyed my time while playing it.

Actually its a fact.

And I just love to see when people say "Xbox360 owners" this and that and throw me in a demographic that is a false REALITY because I am an Xbox360 owner and I didn't miss out on jack sh*t.

So maybe I'm not getting my point across.

Ps3 could have 10000000 games in 2009 I only played 4.

I played well over 20 games on my Xbox360 this year and I play my games regardless of score unless the game is just unbearable like Damnation.

You guys play exclusives with high ratings, I play games and exclusives with high ratings and because of that I found my 360 to be the console I played the most and enjoyed playing the most this entire year.

So maybe you and the rest of the people need to understand that a key part in reality is that no one is the same.

In your perspective Ps3 had more games and that everyone is going to play them.

In my perspective I played 4 Ps3 games had fun while it lasted and played more on my Xbox360 this year.

What are we discussing here?

i3eyond the Circle3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )


Listen guy.

Nowhere in my posts have I said that the Ps3 exclusives are not good.

If so please find it.

I'm a sore loser because the only games that really got my attention was KZ2, inFamous, Uncharted2, and Demons Soul?

Guy please take that bs somewhere else.

Corepred43332d ago

Just because you only played 4 doesn't mean those were the only ones that were good. Just because you want to see your 360 succeed don't blind yourself away from PS' games. There are plenty on both sides. However this year was PS' year of great games. Don't be stupid, you sound like a sore loser especially when the past 2-3 years belonged to the 360.

mantasis3332d ago

@Beyond the circle,

stop wasting people's time, no one cares what YOU played, your argument is moot. We're looking at the year as a whole, 360 had a bad year, multiplats aside, the 360 got barely any good exclusives

PS some of the games you listed, are IMO horrible.

PoisonedTea3332d ago

Don't you dare bring Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers into this!

SaberEdge3332d ago

Am I the only one who enjoyed Ninja Blade more than Ninja Gaiden 2?
NG2 just felt so...lifeless. The action is great, but I need more from a game than just bare-bones action. And Ninja Blade, while far from perfect, at least had charm and atmosphere and some incredible set pieces. Even the story grabbed me more (and that's saying a lot, because both are pretty bad). Anyway, I just liked it more. (BTW, Ninja Blade is from the same dev studio that produced Demon's Souls)

But other than that, I agree that the 360 had a very weak year. The PS3 is kicking @ss this year.

WildArmed3332d ago

that is the sad truth.

Ninja Blade wasnt as half as good as demon's souls. The devs slacked off on that one.
I really like SOFTWARE, but i was disappointed with Ninja Blade..

On the other hand, demons souls is my personal GOTY of 09. (and i've repeated that about 70 times in my last 50 comments loL)

And I liked NG2 alot more. Ninja Gaiden was years beyond Ninja Blade imo. speaking of which i need to pick up U2:AT, R&C, NGS2, L4D2 soon -.-
Stupid demon's souls.. but first i wanna finish my New Game ++ >.<

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diddies3332d ago

2009 is not a year or Microsoft. All they have it Halo ODST (a game that isn't even as good as Halo 3). Forza is it as well. Forza is the only game that should be mentioned. Playstation 3 has a lot of great hits this year.

gameseveryday3332d ago

Halo 3: ODST was a good game. I mean i dont know why its being hyped as an expansion and why do u say so?

diddies3332d ago

You don't get the carry 2 weapons because you an ODST. Who wants to pay $60 for a 5 hour campaign?

Sez 3332d ago

Heavenly sword says hi

SnuggleBandit3332d ago

ya its evidenced by heavenly swords sales that not many wanted to buy it at 60 bucks but look at how many people were suckered into buying ODST just because of the Halo name.

If HALO wars and HALO odst didn't have the halo name on them, there's no way they would have even sold half as well. Microsoft is milking this franchise because they know people will buy it just for the name...they aren't pushing to make the games better, they are pushing to make the games get out more quickly and that's the point

Corepred43332d ago

it's not just him saying so. And you must be new or something. ODST started off as an expansion pack. Then they added on some stuff that most people already have and made it a tad longer and decided to charge full price. sad, really.

iceman29293332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I played it on legendary my first go around and it took me about 11 or 12 hours to complete, and I have played about 25 hours of firefight overall with friends. I found the challenge of playing it on legendary worth it, as it was significantly easier to die than in halo ( and i love a good challenge) plus facing off against brutes and hunters has a completely different feel to it when you cant just run up to them with a shotgun and beat them down. ODST actually required some thought/strategy to get by certain parts. 2$/hour is a great value for me!

Darrius Cole3332d ago

Heavenly Sword sold 1.4 million copies with a $500-$600 PS3. How much did you expect it to sell? If they would ever give it a Greatest Hits label and cut the the price to $30 (The game is 2 years old) it would sell more than that.

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tdrules3332d ago

il get a 360 for halo reach if im honest.
might need more games to justify the cost though

diddies3332d ago

yea...I wouldn't get a 360 over one game.

Godmars2903332d ago

MS has one ace, Sony several.

Who's really got more of a winning hand?

gameseveryday3332d ago

But the articles does point out that Halo : Reach will be a huge game!