Naughty Dog's pitched concept bigger than U2's train sequence

Naughty Dog is already working on outdoing moments in their very own Uncharted 2.

Naughty Dog has been very open that their development cycle is very much a collaborative process, where everyone in the team is allowed to pitch ideas to then see if they can make the best ones happen. This methodology has seen all of those big moments in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves come into being.

And now, Naughty Dog is not only working on multiplayer downloadable content for their latest game, with the first pack to be out later this year, they're pitching ideas for their next game. In an interview with InGameChat, Naughty Dog's Neil Druckman commented on how they were going to top Uncharted 2's train sequence.

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UnSelf3307d ago


mrv3213307d ago

I agree, how cool would it be, Drake traveling with Military men on a Jet, the revolution. You begin fighting the men and both pilots die, leaving the plane to go out of control you must hurry to the front and take the pilots parachute. Althout it'd be a short sequence it'df be just soo cool.

Freak of Nature3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

In a perfect World at least for me I would love to hear them announce 2 games are in the making....

Uncharted 3 with a little more open ended sandbox World,not totally of course,but a little more diversity in choice of directions/paths,nothing wide opened,along with more in-depth stealth,basically UC2 on steroids,another leap forward as they did from UC1 to UC2.... And a new act/RPG/platformer IP,with a more toon/caricature based quirky creative style.....May as well dream big!

HardcoreGamer3307d ago


i dont get it i thought fps were the most immersrive genres but this is not true , not from what i just experienced

Foliage3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

"Uncharted 3 with a little more open ended sandbox World"

No thank you, I like the story driven Uncharted rather than an unfocussed sandbox world. Uncharted offers a level of perfection you simply can't achieve in a sandbox game.

UnSelf3307d ago

he doesnt mean open world ala GTA. just more options and exploration. Dey seem to be on the right track wit UC2 u kno which extra ledges and paths not linear to the progress of the story. However what FON is suggesting is more of this open endedness. Like Multiple paths inevitably leading to the same area of course but just more options gettin there.

I kno its a video game but UC2's exploration is just a lil bit to convient.

I wanna be able to climb almost everything if its possible

however i can see how this may pose a problem becuz ull be dropping off of every ledge looking for treasures. hmmmm dilemma dilemma

na2ru13307d ago

Half Life 1 is one of the best PC games to date as God of War is to the PS2. Both are linear.

duplissi3307d ago

i personally thought the truck sequence was more intense- jumping from truck to truck while everything was moving just left me awestruck.

cyberwaffles3307d ago

one of the best action scenes i've ever seen in a movie was in the superman: return's plane crash. how could would it be if ND somehow implemented the plane crash scene from superman?

DaTruth3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

It helped that that scene was in 3D! I don't know if you saw it that way, but I did; And it was pretty awesome.

Imagine he flies out for some reason and then has to climb around outside of the plane, after something broke off the plane and dragged along the side creating convenient hand and footholds!

@Duplisi: I also thought the truck scene was better!

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Relientk773307d ago

the train levels and cut scenes in the game were some of the best parts of the game, pure fun... if Naughty Dog can top that then wow, they are geniuses

Sevir043307d ago

It was freakin incredible!!!, the other big moment had to be the collapsing building and (spoiler) the car chasing scene, jumping from truck to truck. It's just one big action set piece after another.. the pacing is just fantastic. they give you time to catch your breathe, by making you do some heart pounding platforming with what you are climbing just breaking and falling apart. amazing. i love this game. It's the best this Gen so far.

swiftshot933307d ago

there are too many "WOW" moments in the game...

other than the ones you listed, there was the whole intro, the fight against the tank, the part where that huge tower filled with snipers collapses, there was the part when you were carrying jeff, and there was everything after the final epic...

HardcoreGamer3307d ago



Sevir043307d ago

even the moments when you think you'll be jumping to a legde and move on They pack it with soo much flair that i cant help but yell WOOOOOOOAH!!!! when the ledges crumble beneath him upon contact... They just know how to do games. ND is at it's peek. that seminar they had at Preproduction phase on film script writing and cenematic presentation really made this game into what hollywood blockbusters could only dream of, EPIC! it goves me goose bumbs, the tank sceen is just awesome, actually playing through it was just amazing. i was on the egde of my seat with my palms sweating. The game just rocks. i love it. ND i bow to thee!!!

frostypants3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Don't forget the part near the end [SPOILER........] where a big chunk of the bridge breaks off, and as it's sliding down hill you're still fighting a gun battle on top of it.

I like the airliner idea some people mentioned. Also, I'd love to see a level or two...not the entire game, given the basis of the series...but a level or two of modern urban environments. It would be awesome to have to fight to the top of a skyscraper, somewhere semi-exotic like Dubai, choosing between taking elevators/stairwells or scaling the outside of it, busting through windows, etc. With the general mechanics of Uncharted I think it could be epic.

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swiftshot933307d ago

Holy Sh!t!!

The train part blew my mind! It was so f!cking amazing!


ND needs to hook that level up in the co-op mode.

xcox3307d ago

both straight co-op and survival modes are doable and would be awesome.
even gold rush with throwing the statue from car to car w/o it falling on the ground could be fun.

add to that some interesting hassle from helicopters and turret guns to defend...

ND: this is multiplayer gold you have on your hands!

bubble for ya bro

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