IncGamers: Bill Roper On Champions Online Launch

Champions Online has been out for almost two months now. Things are starting to settle down, changes have been made to key aspects of the game and players are finding their feet, but how does Cryptic Studios' design director, Bill Roper, feel the launch went?

IncGamers asked him just that, along with a few other things...

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Leord3128d ago

Oh, I miss bill roper from Blizzard developments :P

Maticus3128d ago

It's good to see they pay attention to what the community wants. I can't wait to get my hands on that celestial powerset... shame I'll have to give up my current character though.

ScorpionX993128d ago

They give out so many Respecs over the time that you could just respec the character you have now all the way to zero, then build it up again w/o losing any levels.

I think they've given me like 3 or 4 Respecs since the game started. and thats just about 2 months.

Malfurion3128d ago

I'm interested in this 'amazing' thing early next year...

Leord3128d ago

Sounds pretty cool indeed :)

Dorjan3128d ago

Still seems awfully dull to me, but the launch did seem to go well!

Fyzzu3128d ago

Mm, Celestial sounds good. Sounds like they've got the right idea about balance too :)