Modern Warfare 2's Controversial Opening

One of the first missions of Infinity Ward's upcoming shooter, Modern Warfare 2 plays out as a very controversial, if disturbing sequence of events. Without saying too much about the mission, they certainly topped the nuclear explosion sequence in the first game with this one.

You'll just have to see it for yourself.

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iseven3332d ago

Modern Warfare 2 can basically be considered "games as art", I think. It challenges the audience and provokes emotions.

StillGray3332d ago

The person who wrote that is the smartest person alive.

swiftshot933332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

If you finished CoD4, then you'll know that was art too. Th ending was really emotional...

Edit: @ below

Okami had a great art STYLE (as in graphics), but it did nothing emotional for me. The player experienced everything in CoD4, you experienced the nuclear bomb, you watched your comrade die in front of you as you were playing, thats why COD4 was art. You were in control at all times during the emotional moments.

Bits-N-Kibbles3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Try playing Okami if you want "art".

As for COD4 and MW2, they may do more "emotional" stuff than most FPS but it is far from "emotional art" or a tragedy that most RPGs usually include in a storyline.

Edit: @ Above
I think the term "art" is being flung around too loosly here. I would call it good writing or scripting. Again, for an FPS. One can argue that other games like Killzone also had just as many or more emotional parts. The only reason I am arguing is because I beleive there are countless more games that have better "art" than COD4, including games in the FPS genre. Now I go back to working on graduate school admissions.

JsonHenry3332d ago

I don't understand this whole "emotion" thing. Video games are FAKE. How could anyone get emotionally evolved with one? Maybe I am just weird, but I don't get it. :(

Timesplitter143332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I speak french. If you guys want to know, here's a summary of what they're saying :

- The war is now on a global scale
- It's because of some guy named Makarov who is the sum of all evil and kills little kitten
- You're a "good" soldier, and you infiltrated his group as a terrorist.
- So you're basically killing all those civilians to get near Makarov and assassinate him

mistajeff3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )


Very interesting. And it really looks like you don't actually HAVE TO kill any civilians in this level, it seems to be up to the discretion of the player.

Name Last Name3332d ago

I shouldn't have seen that video, I wont get be surprised by mw2 with all these spoilers LOL but i can't help it :)

Lotard33332d ago

@1.4 Movies are fake as well, and plenty of people react emotionally to them, that's the point in seeing them after all. Well, unless the movie is something just for entertainment's sake like the Transformers movies.

NoBias3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

That was crazy! And definitely an emotional means of showing/telling that.

I can understand why people could be upset but this is no different than actors playing this scene out in a motion picture. If the American audience points fingers at IW for this in anger and hate, they'd be nothing but a bunch of hypocrites (I'm American btw). It's just that we're getting this delivered to us on a different medium (our gaming platforms at home), instead of being in a theater with a couple hundred people (where for some reason it's more acceptable).

This is when the M rating REALLY comes into play. If kids below the age grab this game and the parents actually see the gameplay and become angry, they can only blame themselves.

From Uncharted 2 to Modern Warfare 2 - 2009 is definitely pushing the art of story telling in games. I can only imagine what we'll see in the coming years.

Bits-N-Kibbles3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I think there is quite a bit of difference between this and a movie. I am not personally offended by this but I know people will be. The major factor (Based on what I saw) was that you are playing as one of the terrorists. You have no choice but to play as a terrorist and shoot innocent people (maybe you don't have to shoot, but you get the gist). In a movie you are witnessing an event more than likely.

I see what they are trying to do. It is similar to the opening of COD4 where you are the person heading to his death in a car. While this is probably equally disturbing, you are not playing the character or the terrorist, you are a witness in first person. This kind of takes it to a new level which may and probably will upset people. (including stupid parents that buy the game not knowing the content for their middle school kid because they give them whatever they want to keep the happy or quiet) That is a whole different topic though.

I could write a paper about this, GTA blah blah blah...

We'll see how the main stream media acts when they get a hold of this. Should be entertaining.

PS. Doesn't surprise me that Activision removed the video.

duplissi3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

i does indeed provoke emotions albiet ones that i do not like so for the sake of my conscience im not gonna play it. i do applaud IW for having the balls to do it and i do trust its done properly and with taste in the context of the story, and if it isnt ill be disapointed.

i have disagree with the statement that this is no different than a scene in a movie- videogames are an interactive medium, and one that seeks to suck you in, immerse you in ways movies cant- games have the ability to hit you hard and affect you more.

mal_tez923332d ago

Just like Grand Theft Auto...

cyberwaffles3332d ago

i think i like the nuclear explosion more.

Noctis Aftermath3332d ago

lol, it's wrong cause you play as the cia agent? well where is the abuse towards the real cia agents who do sh1t similar to this? they don't kill people in a game they kill people in real life.

NoBias3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

"i have disagree with the statement that this is no different than a scene in a movie- videogames are an interactive medium, and one that seeks to suck you in, immerse you in ways movies cant- games have the ability to hit you hard and affect you more."

That seriously all just comes down to opinion. Others could argue the same thing for movies, television, music and even books & literature. What affects YOU more doesn't mean it's the same for EVERYONE else in the entire world.

Hopefully you realize how ridiculous that sounds... Come on...

LostCypher113331d ago

I had no Emotional Feelings during my play through on COD:MW. A game like Mass effect tho. now that stirred up a ton of emotion while playing it

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mistajeff3332d ago

I don't see this as artsy, but more of a cheap tactic for an emotional response.

But, admittedly, they seem to finally be using their multiple perspective structure to the advantage of the narrative. Cheap as it may be, it DOES provoke an emotional response, as opposed to 4, which didn't do much for me at all.

Serial_EDX3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Then I guess

*spoiler for Shadow of the colossus* *edit for gamingisnotacrime*

The "Death" of the horse in SotC was a cheap tactic as well?

*end spoiler*

I mean really, if CoD4 story was cheap then every game that has ever tried it was cheap. I mean that nuclear bomb when it went off actually had my eyes completely wide open during the entire scene. Not to mention the Ending of the game.

Bits-N-Kibbles3332d ago

You support my comment well. SotC is a great example.

Serial_EDX3332d ago

In my book SotC and ICO are true Art experiences, CoD has a very well written story so I just consider it art for that. But other then the story its just a game. XD

mistajeff3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I didn't say COD4 was cheap, I said it didn't provoke much of an emotional response from me. That's only MY reaction to 4, anyway. I'll admit that it stirred things up for me when
***COD4 spoiler***
price slid soap the gun, but I really didn't care about the characters, so even remembering that Price had this long-standing grudge against Zakahev(sp?) and he hands off his chance to take him down to Soap, I just didn't care all that much.
***end spoiler***

Again, that's ME. I'm glad that other people were more invested in it than I was.. it's good for gaming as a medium. I DO think this opening is cheap in that they're actively trying to conjure up images of current events that will hit closer to home for some than others, but at the same time, I'm glad they're actively trying to stir up more of an emotional response than they have been in past games, and it's nice to see them using their traditional multiple-perspective structure to that end. Basically, my feelings are mixed on it, and I won't know for sure how I feel unless I play through the whole campaign. Maybe when I do, I'll consider this opening to be the most genius thing ever created in video game narrative. Who knows?

As for SotC, I can't comment because I haven't finished the game. Don't worry though, I've had that part spoiled for me before thanks to commenters who DON'T put spoiler warnings.. and also articles on major news sites that don't put spoiler warnings either.

gamingisnotacrime3332d ago

That is a huge spoiler, at least be more specific and say you are about to spoil one of the greatest games made, i thought you were going to spoil CoD 4

Be more careful next time

DonCorneo3332d ago

cod4 is more of an action movie. it needs to blow stuff up. independence day had the same thing.

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ForROME3332d ago

Well games have always been crapped on, in a museum put what you want naked sex violence, in movies put what you want just has to have the correct rating g pg pg 13 r, r 17, x etc

When it comes to games, Nope has to be approved or its toast, its bull$hit, I plan on taking this issue on in some blogs etc going forward

Dampsack3332d ago

Good luck with that man.

osamabinladen3332d ago

this i like, buy the game we need support

Natsu X FairyTail3332d ago

LOL osama you're a Fool for that one.

LeonSKennedy4Life3332d ago tricky duck.

: )

Where the heck are you, anyway?

ForTheFallen3331d ago

saying 9/11 was an inside job gets you put in the "open" zone...AKA free speech zone.

kraze073331d ago

Too fncking funny, lol

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Natsu X FairyTail3332d ago

Everything is Controversial nowadays wtf!

that's a hella good Opening sequence. Make that ish Look like a Movie Sequence or something.

that's whats up

randomwiz3332d ago

its a cool opening. If this is really controversial, what about GTA? GTA is more realistic than this. In GTA, you could steal a car and get chased by the cops, just like in real life. If you tried to do what happened in MW2, you be dead in an instant.

When I came back from my vacation to Japan in 1996, I took a picture of the airplane I came on from the US customs area, and all of a sudden, because of the flash, I was surrounded by big people with guns, and they destroyed my film :(