Already 100,000 Uncharted 2 sold in France alone

The french website Gamekult just announced that 100,000 units of Uncharted 2 have been sold in France alone in two weeks, bundle excluded.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3131d ago

Congrats to those people. They get to enjoy an AAA quality game with no equal so far this gen. Only on PS3.

Shoo bots, get back to your 60$ expansion and custom car paint jobs. :D

itchy183131d ago

why did you change your avatar??? the other one was better! lol is it a different girl?

FiftyFourPointTwo3131d ago

oh lol, yep this girl is different. This one's japanese, the last one is indonesian.

itchy183131d ago

where do you get these asian pics?? lol the idonesian was hotter

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3131d ago

A PS3 + Uncharted 2 = TRUE NEXT-GEN GAMING!!! ;-P

Bubble Buddy3131d ago

yee indos for life. I remember the first Uncharted Drake saying some Indo words ahaha.

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elcompa4253131d ago

A game with this much magnitude of pure entertainment deserves to be recognized and sell well, as a returned favor to ND.


Maddens Raiders3131d ago

with the level of advertising SNE is doing for this game and R&C, combined with the continuing "PS3 is now $299" mantra. Seems they're feeling confident and flaunting a bit - well from a historic perspective anyway.

On topic: Uncharted 2 is better than most big budget movies and the more people experience it, the more they will love this game. It is truly a masterpiece.

Sevir043131d ago

im at chapter 22 right now. i gotta say it's been one amazing chapter after another. it's just the best game this gen soooo far. i soo dont want the game to end but i know it's about to draw to it's grand close.

mint royale3131d ago

Its getting the sales it deserves which is refreshing for the games industry. Hopefully this will convinve more studies to aim to produce masterpieces!

Ravage273131d ago

i'm impressed, wonder what's the total sales after adding in the bundles.

Pwee3131d ago

Wow that's good for France!

Nice going ND!

thedisagreefairy3131d ago

im happy more people are experiencing this game.

I personally think its one of the best games so far in this generation of consoles (but thats just my opinion)

Montrealien3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

We sold our 100th copy yesterday morning is our second biggest selling game as of late, behind NHL 10 which for us is simply a monster!

GJ Naughty Dog!

calis3131d ago

As brilliant as Uncharted 2 is, has the advertising helped this move more units then if there was the usual lack of advertising you see with Sony games.

It looks like the 2.5 million goal will be reached quickly.

zeeshan3131d ago

GOTY 2009 is making waves all over! Those very nice numbers indeed. Must be close to 1.2 million by now :)

ape0073131d ago

is too awesome,it's golden

the guy is game gotta be SULLY,that guy rocks plain and simple,he's my favorite uncharted character

he is SOOOO underrated

Schobeleth3131d ago

All I see are great comments here praising Uncharted 2 for being a great game, which it is, and yet I see disagrees on several posts. I don't think I see any posts here saying the game is bad or anyone disliked it. So then, do I smell trolls?

Uncharted 2 is the best game I've played this generation, shockingly above MGS4, which was the best game I've played this generation before it. Both are two of the greatest games I've played in my entire life with Uncharted 2 easily being the best game ever. I think where MGS4 left me wanting more gameplay vs. cutscenes, Uncharted 2 kept adding piles and piles of action and brilliance onto the already amazing experience.

ape0073131d ago

those are stealth trolls LOL

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raztad3131d ago

Easily million+ in EU. Congrats to ND and Sony. They are even richer and 100K French gamers poorer.

I-Hate-usernames3131d ago

that's alot of sales
i hope it's beat halo sales
cuz halo suck

rbluetank3131d ago

the game deserves it/more!!! goty

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