4cr Plays - Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble Preview

4cr writes: "I was fully prepared to more-or-less ignore Atlus' Kenka Bancho. It wasn't that I expected it to be bad, I just wasn't all that interested. The previews didn't hook me, and wacky Japanese games went from amusing to boring roughly three Katamari Damacies ago. So when the review copy landed on my desk (metaphorically – I don't actually have a desk and it was a digital copy), I dove in with roughly no expectations. I figured that it would be a vaguely archaic role-playing game with equally archaic fighting game mechanics."

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reintype3309d ago

I've been interested in this series, since I've watched a few vids on youtube. Thank God, Atlus decided to localise this Bad Boy for us.