Sony Considers More TV Players For PS3

Sony has told IncGamers it will consider adding more on-demand TV players to the PS3 XMB following the success of the BBC iPlayer.

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Dorjan3253d ago

Who needs PCs now eh?

ChozenWoan3252d ago

Well for now we do, but soon... so soon we won't...except to make video games.... then again if LBP is an indicator of what is to come then?.. lol.

I just hope Sony can get a worldwide player up and running. It would be so cool to be able to watch shows from anywhere in the world... without needing a Satellite dish, PC, or running borderline illegal hardware and software.

gaffyh3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if the SkyTV thing that MS has comes to PS3 in 6 months. Still imo it is pointless because you are paying £15 a month for a sub standard service (also dependent on internet connection). Instead you could pay £17 a month and get a free satellite dish & set top box installation, over the air (therefore stable) and more channels.

Maticus3253d ago

Gotta be a good thing, right?

Redrudy3253d ago

Totally. On demand TV is increasingly popular. It's a very smart move on Sony's part.

Leord3253d ago

BBC iPlayer is amazing. Love being able to use it directly with my TV without annoying cables and settings :)

AndyA3253d ago

Please Sony: 4OD. I want to be able to go through Peep Show again.

Tony999Montana3252d ago

You can access 40D through the browser. Just bookmark it and it'll be almost as good.

Apocalypse Shadow3253d ago

it just does it better.

graphics(uncharted2,GT5,last guardian,heavy rain,killzone 2,etc)
games(highest rated)
media(web browser,dvd upscale,bluray,tv players,music video channels)
online at 40-60-256 and rising just does it BETTER.....and well...everything.


how can you hate that, i sure dont

theEnemy3252d ago

It Only Does Everything™
Like. No. Other™

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The story is too old to be commented.