Smartphone rundown: five alternatives to getting an iPhone

App Store that. Blah blah blah. You'd think that the stylish consumer electronics company from Cupertino had the monopoly on touch-based smartphones.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't. Not yet, anyway. Microsoft has had a presence in the smartphone market for years with its Windows Mobile platform, which is belatedly starting to embrace a more intuitive touchscreen interface.

Google, meanwhile, has produced its Android OS, which many people expect will overtake Apple's device and dominate the market over the coming years.

While the iPhone is a fine device - and undoubtedly the best mobile gaming device at present - it's not quite out there in a league of its own as some would have you believe. Here are a few of the main alternatives, along with the key features that set them apart from the iPhone.

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Haggar3255d ago

Nice round-up. Can't wait for the Droid in particular.

Hobgoblin3255d ago

The Droid might finally get Android going. Just hope it doesn't cause too much problems with hardware fragmentation what with it using Android 2.0.

Hobgoblin3255d ago

Nice idea for an article. Love the iPhone myself, and it's likely to own handheld gaming from now on, but this is a really useful article for anyone who's looking for a feature rich handset for something other than games.

PirateThom3255d ago

Ah crap... I was about to get an N97 now I want an N900.

etownone3254d ago

I have verizon and I had to buy an itouch cause I hate AT&T

I'm waiting till May 2010 when that exclusive deal between Apple and AT&T runs out, and if the iPhone doesn't cone to verizon, I'm switching

crazydrummerlad13254d ago

jus get 1 of the android fones comin to verizon. the os will b better

Blackmoses3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

I just picked up the HTC Imagio, which is a pretty slick phone all on it's own....although I just got it I do have 30 days and if the Android drops this Weekend and looks and operates better then I may have to swap out.

StrboyM3254d ago

I have an xperia x1, and if it werent for the HD2 popping up, Id probably be getting the imagio or the hero (current hero problems aside that is)

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