IncGamers: Race On Preview

IncGamers' Andy Alderson gets behind the wheel in SimBin's upcoming racing simulation sequel.

From the preview:

"Like its predecessor Race 07, Race On features a number of racing disciplines, with a focus on the Swedish and world touring car challenges. The main selling point of Race On, however, is its developer SimBin. A veteran of the GTR series, the Swedish dev knows a thing or two about racing simulation. And from our time with Race On, it's clear SimBin hasn't lost its touch."

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Fyzzu2947d ago

That sounds pretty hardcore. Too hardcore for me, I think.

AndyA2947d ago

It is quite inaccessible compared to stuff like Forza and GT, but it soon gets addictive. Was weird going from Forza with the rewind function to Race On and constantly restarting races. The car handling is really well done, though.

Leord2947d ago

Swedish! Always nice for the national ego, especially of such a small population country as Sweden :)

Redrudy2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Surely, that's more famous? :)

Leord2947d ago

No. You'd be surprised how few people know stuff about Sweden :P

Uncle Rico2947d ago

Hmm I wonder why they call it a preview when you can already buy it on Steam lol.

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