Game Vortex Review: NBA 2K10

Game Vortex:
Graphically, NBA 2K10 definitely comes out on top in terms of player model likenesses, at least for most of the models. Admittedly, I was disappointed that more named players (I'm not necessarily talking about the guys who never step foot on the court) didn't look better, however, as it is obvious that there were priorities set for those who get more face time. Still, the overall quality of the visuals definitely holds one's attention. In addition to great player models, the stadiums and fans take their own personality and inject it into the game. The developers even went one step further for crowd animations with people (or I should say the same person) walking up and down the isles. The overall presentation, as well, has been amped up so expect more great graphics and crawls with stats on the screen as you play your games.

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