The Multi-disc Problem - Isn't it Time Microsoft Added Blu-Ray to Xbox 360?

It's time for Microsoft to move on from the failure of HD-DVD and their downloadable content plans and accept the fact that they need a higher capacity optical drive in the Xbox 360. With two popular recent games (Halo 3:ODST and Forza Motorsport 3) each needing 2 discs you don't have to look any further for proof that their scheme is a failure.

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Raoh3134d ago

This wouldnt work. If they added blu ray for use with gaming it would have to be a new console generation for microsoft as current 360 owners would be unable to play the blu ray games as you can't play the games with an external dvd/blu ray drive.

TotalPS3Fanboy3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

which means the consumers loses. It seems Microsoft only cares about Microsoft's proudness and not the loyal consumers that support Microsoft.

jadenkorri3133d ago

for the same reason ps3 couldn't take blu ray out despite people saying it wasn't needed. MS adding blu ray would be giving the big middle finger to everyone 360 owner cause they would either have to buy an addon to play the new games or a brand new 360. IMO it would not bode well, just like if live was switched to $100 a year.

IdleLeeSiuLung3133d ago

when that analyst suggest Sony remove blu-ray from the PS3 to lower cost!

Why would MS fracture their own market just so you can have the convenience of one disc. In fact, it would be a disservice to all current Xbox 360 owners. Multiple discs are not a problem and the cost to print a disc these days are insignificant. If licensing is an issue (I don't know), then I'm sure MS would lower the cost as the competition heats up.

Multiple discs? I guess if you are lazy and don't want to get off your butt to replace discs, then I can see you have a problem. Then again, how often do you have to do that? If you still have an issue, then you are staring at bigger health problems coming your way.

I really don't understand the issue of installing a game that is an optional benefit. If you want to play a game NOW and don't want to install it, you don't have to. Want to save wear and tear on the optical drive and load faster, install it! That is as good as it gets!!!

The 13133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

MSFT wouldn't use Blu-ray for games if they could. There are much newer, faster disc formats that have more space. Blu-ray would be a poor choice for gaming when other disc tech holds more and their drives much faster.

I just don't see why a game company would choose Blu-ray in this day and age for their console.

I doubt MSFT would put a disc format in their console that adds new and in some cases more expensive time consuming problems. All that space gets wasted on duplicated data just so the drive can run games like game tech should run games in the first place, well almost.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3133d ago

I don't know what is more stupid between this article and what @The 1 said... OMG the ignorance! LoL

raztad3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )


Thats a really good question. I wonder too.

On topic: MS is stuck with multiples DVD this gen. It was fine back in 2005 but the tech is pretty old by now, the only way to solve this issue is releasing a xbox720.

The 13133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

The rabid >Bodyboarder_VGamer< doesn't explain why MSFT would choose Blu-ray for games. You could have atleast said MSFT is desperate and wants to add a drive for the 360 because of feeling threatened because they're not in the $30-$40 MOVIES BUSINESS. lol WHAT WOULD MSFT DOWNGRADE ON THE 360 OR TAKE OUT SO THE COMPANY CAN ADD BLU-RAY SO FOLKS CAN WATCH BLU-RAY ON A CONSOLE THAT HAS TWO MAJOR MOVIE SERVICES ON IT. I GUESS THEY COULD JACK THE 360'S PRICE BACK UP, OH WAIT

I don't know what's worse this PS3 fanboy or a 8 year old boy being told to go to his room and to bed after being yeld at.

" Bodyboarder_VGamer - 5 hours ago

1.2 -

Do you actually know that Insomniac is not part of Sony right? They are a private company and if they wanted they could do tittles for other consoles beside the PlayStation...
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ultimolu3133d ago

Too late.
The ship has sailed already.

That's the bottom line.

Arnon3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )



cmrbe3133d ago

She is right. Its too late. It was too late the time they decided to go with DVD9.

It can never happen for x360 gaming unless MS want to replace all existing x360's.

@Ildesu. Even changing a game disc is a chore for me now. I want a Blu-Ray changer for my PS3.

Anon19743133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I can't see Microsoft adding an external Blu-Ray drive, although extra accessory sales may help them make up for the money they lose off of hardware (according to analysts) I don't think they'd make enough to make it worthwhile. And after what happened with HD-DVD, even though Blu-Ray is the format that won I can't see them taking that expensive a risk again.

Also, Microsoft isn't going to suddenly start releasing games in Blu-Ray. Would you buy a game for your 360 that you could only play with an expensive add on? No one would touch them.

mal_tez923133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Blu ray will be in the next generation of Xbox. Or maybe Microsoft will make some new technology like 1000GB UV ray discs, or 100000GB X-Ray discs.

Blu ray and the mandatory HDD make the PS3 the more capable system, but adding a BD drive to the 360 now will mean that some people could play BD games, while others can't. Just how some gamers now can install data, while those without a HDD cannot.

ultimolu3133d ago

Lol @ Arnon.

Don't have a heartattack there. Poor random people who disagreed. Seriously, can Microsoft really add bluray now? I'm waiting for an answer...

Arnon3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

They could add blu-ray. I think it would only be for movies, though. It's not like it would deter from me being able to play my games considering I play my PS3 and PC much more than my 360. Not sure why you needed to send me a message asking if I was crying, but good job messaging me and blocking me. I guess it shows why the majority of people on this site disagree with you.

I'm just crying over your awesome might and greatness that is expelled from your body. That's all. Please don't smite me with your awesome powers :(

saint_john_paul_ii3133d ago

so it wont work. the topic is able the use of high capacity discs for gaming.

its too late for microsoft to add BD to the system. an add-on would just make the system look retarded. now for movies, it would be another story

ReviewsArePolitics3133d ago

The_1 is Why Dis' new account, lol

"Blu-ray would be a poor choice for gaming when other disc tech holds more and their drives much faster."

Where is the proof of "new, faster, better, cheaper" disc media anyway?

Arnon3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

No it probably wouldn't work. They would have to force everyone who owns a 360 to buy a blu-ray player, which would not settle well.

mal_tez923133d ago

How long until having a BD drive in a PC is standard? They are still quite expensive here in Australia, I dont think programs and PC games will be distributed on them anytime soon. Maybe in 3-5 years but most likely longer.

Arnon3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Probably never, unless you're referring to movies and such. Other than that? No. Games are installed onto your PC. They never run off of the disc drive, thus, having absolutely no reason to force developers to use blu ray for PCs. The only time you have to put in the disc is for installation, and verification of ownership.

mantasis3133d ago

I know they're hated on this site, but what about macs receiving the Blu-ray treatment...I mean their displays are just screaming for it.

Though I never did think of it, computers really don't need the blu ray format aside for HD-Video...

Cueil3133d ago

The only way it would work is if the USB were 3.0 instead of the 2.0 that they currently are... if they were 3.0 you'd have faster data flow than the current SATA they have in the system

ultimolu3133d ago

Arnon, people have already said it *won't* work. I love how you jumped on my comments first when I said the ship has already sailed. It has already sailed. I don't know what else you want me to say. Microsoft backed the wring horse and eventually that will give the PS3 the edge.

It's amazing how games have to be cut just to make multiplatform games equal on both platforms.

The people crying about how Sony was stupid to go blu are eating their own words now.

Disagrees change nothing.

Cueil3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

InPhase Technologies has a holographic disc close to 2012 they should have close to 120mbs on 300gb of data... though InPhase signed some kind of deal with Nintendo... so who knows

Arnon3133d ago

I really didn't mean to jump on your comment. It was mainly a joke just because of the way it was worded.

Bob Dole3133d ago

It would alienate a lot of the userbase the same way Sega did with SegaCD and 32x. It would be the ultimate shaft.

Terry Tate3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I dont believe that its necessary. At least not this generation. Microsoft has already backed the wrong HD horse, so they just need to stick to their guns with standard DVD for now. Honestly, having multiple disks doesn't bother me too much. Last night I brought home Forza 3 (2 disks). It asked me to install the 2nd disk, which I did, then I played the game off the first disk and will likely never need the second one again.
When I played Metal Gear Solid 4, I had to laugh after the cutscene where they make a joke about not having to switch disks because the game was on Blu Ray, then proceeded to make we wait 8 minutes while it installed the next section. I found myself thinking that it sure would be a lot faster if I just swapped in another disk. Obviously MGS4 would have been on like 10 DVD's or whatever, but I think it still would have been faster to swap a disk than to wait for the next install to complete.
I just don't think multiple disks are that big of a deal.

maxxb1173133d ago

Sure, Blu-ray is the ****, but PS3 already has it, already is a real good console, and it's too late in this generation to add a Blu-ray player. They should've had a Blu-ray player instead of an HD DVD player, though I understand that we didn't know who would win the DVD wars at the start.

All I'm saying is Microsoft makes some bad decisions, and the HD DVD thing was already a bad one at the start. Maybe it's not their fault, but they still did it, you know?

darthv723133d ago

The whole multi-disc thing could be addressed without the need for bluray for the time being. Not to say it wont happen for the next gen 720 but for this gen there is a better option.

If MS would bite the bullet and make the hdd standard then devs can produce the games with installing in mind. I know the hatred some have for the install on ps3 games but doing it on the 360 could prove more beneficial than on the ps3. The games could be made to be installed, or at least the core components linking the multidiscs together.

If the 360 is a PC basically then I can see software going a similar route of install to play. You install the rest of the discs with the textures and other data and use the first disc to play the game. But have to make the hdd a standard feature for ALL 360's!

AAACE53133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

It didn't become clear to me until I read a few comments. MS could install a Blu-ray drive in the 360. They could use it similarly to the way the DSi is set up. Since the Blu-ray drive can read regular DVD's it wouldn't be much of a problem. Then they could release a few games on a Blu-ray disc in order to get people to upgrade.

Before you doubt it, think about how much people are willing to upgrade their system just because something new is added!

I have witnessed tons you you guys on here admit that you will be buying a new 360 or Ps3 just because they added a bigger HDD or bundled it with a game.

I don't believe MS is that proud, and they are more concerned with what increases sales. So they are probably happy to add blu-ray to the system. Primarily to try to balance the playing field so that the Ps3 doesn't have too much of an advantage on them.

I do have both systems and play them equally, so this isn't a fanboy comment, just one mans opinion!

@Ferel gamer... The 360 has more RAM than the Ps3, so Mandatory installs probably won't happen. The Ps3 mainly had mandatory installs because there was a lot of info being pushed through a tiny hole. Because the 360 has more RAM, that might not be as much a problem.

I can understand peoples doubt of the 360 because of failure issues, but I just don't get why people think the 360 is so weak! I know the Ps3 has more power, but people on here make it seem like the 360 is as powerful as a gamecube or something.

NextGen24Gamer3133d ago

Microsoft should make an add on that would basically be a 3 dvd disc changer. It would hook up via usb to the back of the xbox 360. They could streamline it so its flat and not clunky and take up little space. It could lay right on top of your xbox360. So you have one disc in your xbox 360 and you could have up to 3 discs in the external drive. It would be very inexpensive to manufacture and it could cost as little as $25 to purchase. The first big game to use it could bundle it in with the game. Halo Reach. That would guarantee a good 10 million of those xbox360 dvd changers in peoples homes from jump. The beautiful thing still wouldn't be needed. People could get up and change the game discs manually and play the same game. Or they could purchase the add on for the FEW SELECT games that use multiple discs. This way MS never has to invest in a blu ray add on and they wouldn't alienate all the millions of consumers who may not want to purchase an expensive blu ray add on. That would be bad business for Microsoft to add a blu ray player for games. But a multi disc changer would be excellent business and cheap enough to be a reasonable option for 360 owners "IF THEY WANTED".

gintoki7773132d ago

they dont give a crap about blu ray they make crap loads of money without it.

Right now microsoft feels like they dont have to do anything to make their console better the next step is natal similar to what sony did with eyetoy but natal will be more "revolutionary" i guess

Raz3132d ago

And Ballmer let it slip a lil' too early so they spun his comments with a 'clarification'.

Bets? Anyone? Let the agrees/disagrees fly...but if you lose, you owe me a bubble. ;)

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Feral Gamer3134d ago

It would segregate their fanbase even more. You'd have blu-ray only titles which some people couldn't play because they're not willing to fork out extra cash for add-ons, then you'd have blu-ray games which have mandatory installs which would fill up the 20gb HDDs in 4 games. People would have to fork out even more cash for the MS HDDs to be able to install more than a few games at once.

OpenGL3133d ago

Yeah, it would be like the SEGA CD and 32X all over again.

badz1493133d ago

BD will not be in 360! but maybe considered in the next xbox! I'm not sure M$ wants another Sega CD like case with the 360!

Cueil3133d ago

We'll see how Holodisc look in 2012 or the new DVDs that can store massive amounts of data... though It's look like 2015 before 5D DVD will show up.

Marty83703134d ago

It would'nt work for games cos you would either be splitting your userbase even more or forcing it too upgrade. Neither is a good option.

Crapbox user base is already split. Some crapboxes have hard drives some have non. Some have HD DVD drives, Some Don't. This splitting of the user base is a bad idea as the devs end making games work for lowest common denomanator. Splitting further by having some with a Blu-ray add-on and some without would be a nightmare for devs.

It would have been better for MS too just make HD DVD avaible for Crapbox games and cut it's losses and offer it as standard in new machines, and offload the external HD DVD drives for a cheap price.

Even thou HD DVD lost out to Blu-ray it could have surrvived as a game only Crapbox media format, HD DVD could have solve Crapboxes media storage problems overnight.

But it's Microsoft were talking about, they never saw that use for it.

stb3133d ago

make me feel soo pity om microsht for their low way for control their stuff, another shot in their foot, another step on for sony.

Mike134nl3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Gran turismo 2 had 2 cd's if I remember correctly.

About halo ODST not sure if they couldn't have fit it on one CD, seemingly they made some ajustments on the old halo 3 engine to make the "large city" possible. Also the second disk isn't Halo odst but the halo 3 multiplayer.

Haven't seen many games with 2 discs with rpg's beeing the exception. I am sure that the majority of games coming to the xbox 360 will be on one disc.

If it really becomes a problem Microsoft should eliminate the xbox arcade, allowing games with multiple discs to install to the hard drive.

Adding bluy ray to the xbox 360 is out of the question and assuming Microsoft would do so just to further splinter their install base is just plain stupid.

JD_Shadow3133d ago

"Gran turismo 2 had 2 cd's if I remember correctly. "

1. GT2 was on the PS ONE, when such multi-disc games were necessary because there wasn't any other mass storage option available to ANYONE at the time.
2. One disc was for the arcade racer, disc two was the simulator.

kaveti66163133d ago


WTF? Does the guy who wrote this article know that if Microsoft releases a Blu-Ray add-on it will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for games? Is this person just an uninformed dunce with access to a blog site? Come on. So many people on N4G already know that the only benefit of a Blu-Ray add-on for the 360 would be for films, and in this case, a solution already exists, and while PS3 fanboys may mock that solution, it still exists.

I would have loved if Microsoft had implemented a standard HD-DVD player into every console or even Blu-Ray, but that didn't happen, and the 360 is already closing in on year 4, and it's not going to happen. The games will continue to be on either single discs or multiple discs, as the situation warrants. Either stop b!tching about it or go play your games elsewhere.