Eurogamer: Dante's Inferno Preview

Eurogamer writes: "I've just killed King Midos, the Cretan ruler who, until quite recently, sat at the entrance to the first circle of hell proper, judging the fallen and assigning them to their particular circle of torment according to their sins. A little unfair, you may think, as he was really just doing his job, but the bastard started it.

Playing through the first level of EA's adaptation of the legendary epic poem at the Eurogamer Expo this week, it's hard to argue that Hell is rendered with spectacular ferocity, and that nearly every possible detail represents some aspect of eternal woe and torment. In the background, torrents of flailing, screaming damned tumble from the gaping mouths of demons into the fiery pits below as Dante carves his way towards his goal."

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Dipso3250d ago

Mt prediction for Eurogamer's scoring of Dante's

Dante's Inferno: 8.5/10

"Does nothing new but is a remarkable homage to the classic gameplay of the Gow of War series"

God of War 3: 7/10
"Does nothing new...Uncharted 2 looks better..formula is getting tired etc."