Is Robert Bowling trying to outdo Bobby Kotick?

PS University writes "Have you ever looked at a company and noticed such an arrogance that it creates the sense of feeling that they believe you need them more than they need you? As though your daily operations or experiences can't be completed without further forking over your hard earned money to them in order to complete your day. I'm sure many PC users that refuse to purchase a Mac have that same type of feeling every time they purchase a PC and are forced to utilize the Windows operating system because Linux is a little too much for them. The problem is - this is never true. There is always an alternative to a product and though it may not always be as good or as simple as just giving one company your money, that opportunity of choice still exists."

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theonlylolking3309d ago

I agree with everything which is why I hate IW and treyarch.

Roper3163309d ago

2 idiots that deserve each others company, Kotick & Bowling!

villevalorox3309d ago

in a way yes, but no one could out do that prick. He reminds me of the leprechaun

mrv3213309d ago

Hitler tried his best, but in the end even Hitler isn't mean enough to remove dedicated servers.

N4G king3309d ago

"but in the end even Hitler isn't mean enough to remove dedicated servers."


villevalorox3309d ago

you should edit that one Hitler movie scene that people always put on youtube. :D

foxtheory3309d ago

+1 for making my day!!! xD

IdleLeeSiuLung3309d ago

a) company displays arrogance because they consumers the feeling the consumers need them more
b) b!tch about how CoD commercials favor Xbox 360 over PS3 by displaying an Xbox logo
c) doesn't listen to the community in regards to the lack of dedicated server issue


a), sure, but aren't most companies like that? I mean, MS with their over priced accessories. Sony with the way overpriced PS3 at launch not to mention questionable comments from both Kaz and Ken?

b) It is only natural that IW focuses more on the Xbox 360, because frankly it is just more popular there. It is a wise business decision, not favoritism or some sort of fuel/ammunition for the ignorant fanboys use in their war.

c) I think IW screwed up on this one, but frankly it isn't exaclty easy for them to just patch it in after the fact. After all the game is releasing very soon. This code isn't exactly something you can just put in at the last minute and would require a lot of testing (even though they re-use code from CoD4).

In the end, I think people hate Activision, because they are realistic i.e. they say what they do unlike most companies that don't, but just do!!!

I see plenty of other reasons to complain about gaming, but we don't and instead nitpick on select few companies. Gamers (or should I say fanboys) unfortunately have double standards.

sikbeta3309d ago

"b) b!tch about how CoD commercials favor Xbox 360 over PS3 by displaying an Xbox logo"

What? we are talking about a [email protected]$$, is a bigger issue than a Dev in favour of an specific console

mantasis3309d ago


a.) Your English is horrible, most companies are not like that, most companies ASK/OBSERVE what consumer's needs are.

b.) What? Did you even read the article? They said they hate this console war, and want to concentrate on the game itself. And yet, they go and plug the 360 in their commercial....even though they said they have 'full control' of their marketing etc.

c.) I don't even understand you, please remove Activision's penis from your mouth.

toaster3309d ago

OMG epic.

That totally made my week. thanks skittles.

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ape0073309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

oh man,if you really loved cod 4 and enjoyed the hell out of it and planning not to get mw2,then allow me to tell you to think otherwise

don't let that b!tch ruin your gaming experience,mw2 is gonna be one of the best games in this gen maybe ever,the single player look fantastic,story looks epic,action,gameplay is awesome as well as online,controles,soundtrack,vo ice acting

the game's gonna be epic and everyone know that,hundreds upon hundreds of hours gamers will enjoy single player,special ops and the killer multiplayer component on their respective consoles whether it's xbox 360 or ps3

and bobby I want you to respect us gamers,respect our feeling,respect our passion and mainly respect infinity ward for their masterpiece,they have passion to do games they've said that they still feeling like the underdog in gaming,don't make them look bad,it hurts their reputation,I hope you understand what I mean,don't look for money only [email protected]

I bet he's not a gamer

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