Infinity Ward kept Modern Warfare 2 secret from Activision

Infinity Ward is definitely calling the shots when it comes to Modern Warfare 2's development. Speaking to OXM, Community Manager Robert Bowling said that publisher Activision was only shown the game once development was well under way.

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Nelson M3128d ago

We all knew it was gonna look and run like Crap on the Xbox

XBLGT B1GMACNFR1ES3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

... goes the weesal (i.e his cum bubbles sony slapped on him last night)

Xlll3128d ago

"... goes the weesal (i.e his cum bubbles sony slapped on him last night)
" just by having XBL in your name shows just how far M$'s d!ck is planted in your ass last night.

kissmeimgreek3127d ago

calm down XII. hes just showing his gamertag in his name. theres nothing wrong with that. its not like hes saying 'xblisduhbest" or something. jeez why do people have to be such d!cks on this site...

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sunil3128d ago

Attempts to distance itself from Activition? (the most hated company in the gaming industry since 2009)

LukaX233128d ago

"...we want to stay focused, really the only opinion we care about is what our fans think."

If that were true, we would have dedicated servers on every platform the game is being developed on.

Winter47th3128d ago

Sounds to me like IW is even worse than Activision, if they really are calling the shots, then damn have they hit a new low with that statement.

TotalPS3Fanboy3128d ago

"...we want to stay focused, really the only opinion we care about is what our fans think."

If that were true, we would have mods on the PC version of MW2.

If that were true, we would have trophy patched into CoD4 on the PS3 version already.

If that were true, we would have in-game-music patched into CoD4 on the PS3 version already.

If that were true, the price would have not risen.

Ace Killa 083128d ago

Whoa they do care for their fans, but its not their fault sony announces trophys and all developers at the time had to come up with this concept for the PS3. you really want these ps3 features that are not available as a standard for the ps3, or at the time COD4 was release.

FantasyStar3128d ago

They didn't have time to release a trophy patch for CoD4, but they DID have time to release a quick fix for the hacking going on in the PS3 Version, so I don't see how IW can 'not' have time.

TotalPS3Fanboy3128d ago

They have Achievements for the 360 version.

And it's not like that didn't have "trophies" in their game. They already have those "trophies" that you can achieve in the game, for example, killing 5 peoples with a single granade, etc.

Those "trophies" can esaily be tie in to the real PS3 Trophy system.

And In-Game-Music only requires a few lines of code to call the PS3 API. That's all. The PS3 takes care of the music. It's not like IW have to built it from scratch.

Ace Killa 083128d ago

having music playing in the background is not a feature that is listed in any of the game manuals, its not a need more of a want and an unnecessary want, listen to music off your dam phone, ipod, comp, or Mp3. the hacking i never heard of these hacks at all for ps3 and i knew they existed in 360 but none at all for ps3, now this issue should of been addressed but, for the 360 this issue was not addressed months and i mean 6+ months after the hacks started.

now for trophies at the time it was not a must for all companies to do so, sony themselves screwed all developer tellin them we have a new achievement wanna be system in play you CAN make a patch to implement it on the current games, but by next year its a must on all games. so really if the developers wanted too then they would, i do strongly believe it would of been a waste of time though. IW stated MW2 was in development after COD4 soo why go back and polish and old game.

and really like COD4 got a lot of support from IW, COD2 had around 4 or 6 map packs before COD3 came out, dont know how many updates it had but i do recall COD4 just having around 3 updates one to patch up the loose ends, another to prevent modders, and last one to prevent the modded controllers.

But really if you implement a system late in the game dont expect it to be in all the games, if you are goin to call out IW bad developers then also go to insomniac they did not make a quick fix for resistance 1

TotalPS3Fanboy3128d ago

Their game already have trophies, all it takes is a few lines of code to tie it into the real Trophy System.

And all it take is a few more lines of code to call the PS3 API for In-Game-Music.

That's all. A few lines of code. We're not talking about months and months of code rewrite with 100 programmers.

If they really care, they would have done such an easy patch.

Sitdown3128d ago

Wait, why are they the most hated company?

@LukaX23 and TotalPS3Fanboy
You guys do realize that you can care about somebody's opinion but not be moved to change right? Besides, what is the ration of people asking for dedicated servers...versus those who don't care? So in this case, they could very well be with the majority. In addition, I would like for the game to be free......does that mean it should or is going to happen because they care for opinion's of the fans?

TotalPS3Fanboy3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Dude, we paid for their game. We supported them. We're not asking much. Only a few lines of codes (taling about patching trophies and in game music here, not mods and dedicated servers). That's all. We're not saying they're bad developers. We're just asking them to support their game and fan because we're supporting them and their game.

And there is no way to justify raising the price after taking out features such as mods and dedicated servers. That is just too much.

IdleLeeSiuLung3128d ago

I agree with you. If anything you should blame Sony for mismanagement. I mean they could have implemented this feature way in advance, communicate with developers more and give them the tools. After all the PS3 had a whole year to study their competitor and instead they didn't capitalize on almost any of the strengths of the 360.

If anything, they should have had Konami patch in Trophies on MGS4!!! Yeah! I'm still hoping it will come and I seriously think people would buy this game again considering it is likely the best sold PS3 exclusive ever!

TotalPS3Fanboy3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

"I agree with you. If anything you should blame Sony for mismanagement. I mean they could have implemented this feature way in advance, communicate with developers more and give them the tools."

Unfortunately, Sony has nothing to do with IW's inablility to patch in trophies. In fact, Sony gave them the tools, the apis, the documentation so they can add in a few lines of code to get trophies patch in. Unfortunately, IW chose to sit out and do nothing. Sony even encouraged them. But in the end, it's their choice, and they chose to not patch in trophies. That can not be forgiven.

There is no way fans can support them and their game when they don't even support their own game.

Elimin83128d ago

Don't forget Dualshock support.... lol.

ape0073128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

"We know the game we want to make, and especially with Modern Warfare 2, we didn't even show Activision the game until very much later in the development process. Because we want to stay focused, really the only opinion we care about is what our fans think"


"Because we want to stay focused really,the only opinion we care about is what our fans think"

they mean that activision won't let them focus about what the fans want(and look "REALLY",they meant that activision is anti-gamer,IW don't want to listen to activision

hmmmm good playing with words

IW is trying as hard as they can with robert boling to chill people down after what activision done with them

activision please be respectful 90% of your games is bullsh!t,the only gem you have is IW,don't let that bullsh!t happen again,IW are legends

Viatrophy3127d ago

Mate, you need to get it out of your head that it's just 'a few lines of code quickly put in', something as small as that could take months as it also has to pass through quality testing and then actually put out as a patch.

And the reason why the Xbox 360 version had achievements was because it was mandatory that all retail games (since the 360's launch) have achievements built into them. At the time of Call of Duty 4 came out, it was only optional for developers to put it in.

TotalPS3Fanboy3127d ago

then can easily patch in something as simple as Trophy support, no sweat. They just don't want to because they want people to buy MW2 instead.

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Dead_Cell3128d ago

No project will get started without the publisher on-board.

PinkUni3128d ago

like they weren't going to make a #2?

what a f*cking secret LOL

Sitdown3128d ago

that some projects do get started with hopes of a publisher picking it up. Perhaps I am lost.

jerethdagryphon3128d ago

projects started internally and a publisher backer sought later ..

fa18 hornet, a failed bid, revitalised using companys own money and sucessfully sold to navy

a lot of smaller games titles

mount and blade for instance
i know theres others but i cant think right now

PotNoodle3128d ago

Sounds like stealth damage control..

Redempteur3128d ago

it is ...

all of the sudden , they care about fan reaction ?

thanks for the laugh IW ...

Ace Killa 083128d ago

right from the be beginning IW had a message to head on to facebook or twitter to give ideas how MW2 should be, soo they did listen to what the fans wanted since the beginning

Redempteur3128d ago

it's like a politician having a blog or a idea box ... ok it's there ...but he decides anyway so when did they listen ? Are you sure they did listen ?

If they are listening ..what this dedicated server fiasco ?
When in this article is the proof that they listened ? I mean come on ... Just one exemple is'nt that hard ...

They says that the relation between them and their fans is important , yet , when the fans are complaining ... they do ...NOTHING .Great right ?
Sorry bu there are great devs on all consoles and pc that are listening to their fans ..and IW isn't one of them ..

Sevir043128d ago

theya re owned by activision, they just dont want to be policed and told what to do. it's kinda the same way both bioware and panedemic wanted their relationship with Ea, just be their own entity without policing and interferance with development. I applaud them, I really want to pass on MW2, but i love IW and they helped with the online portion of uncharted 2. SO i'm gonna support them, they are good devs... even if MW2 looks like COD4:MW with new skins and map.