Gamernode: Where the Wild Things Are Review

Gamernode writes: "If you were ever a child (and somehow I'm willing to wager that you once were or currently are one), then you've likely encountered Maurice Sendak's award-winning tale, Where the Wild Things Are. Being one of the most acclaimed children's books of all time, it comes as no surprise that this story of a child's imagination and anger has been adapted into a Hollywood film. The film, of course, has given rise to a video game... and it's actually not bad. Although it is in every way a simplistic take on often-recycled video-game concepts and gameplay mechanics, Where the Wild Things Are is still an enjoyable platform adventure that will keep many players -- children and adults alike -- interested until the end."

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mantisimo3337d ago

roared their terrible roars and rolled their terrible eyes.

Loved this book.