Britxbox: Borderlands Review

Jasper Kashap writes: "Role Playing Shooter. RPS may not be a familiar acronym, but Borderlands would make you believe that Gearbox have spent years iterating such a genre to near perfection. On paper, Borderlands is a chaotic muddle of ideas. Open world shooter, random loot drops, monster closets, MMORPG style progression, skill trees and vehicular combat. Somehow, however, Gearbox have blended all of the aforementioned mechanics into one coherent and functional videogame.

The wafer thin plot is set in the distant future on a barren and ravaged wasteland inhabited by a scattering of chaotic bandits and aging colonists trying to make a living. Your quest revolves primarily around seeking out the mythical Vault, rumoured to contain ancient and powerful alien technology. This rather dull, and predictable, story is essentially a means to justify the scenario within which you are left to explore."

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Serial_EDX3131d ago

In my book this game gets a 9.5/10, I'm loving it right now, and it is a title from left field I wasn't planning on getting.

great job gearbox, great job.