DualShockers Giveaway: Fairytale Fights (360)

DualShockers writes,

"If you haven't noticed, we here at the DualShockers like to hook you guys up with free stuff, and today I am glad to announce the next DualShockers giveaway. Now don't just think that we are going to give it away to a random commenter, no, this one will take a bit of creativity."

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taz80803248d ago

This struck me as an odd game but after playing it is pretty funny and good for coop. there are some control issues but who cares when you are skating around pools of blood with re riding hood.

BROOKLYN N-M-E3248d ago

had a chance to check this out at the New York Anime Festival, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

taz80803248d ago

Free is always good, worth a shot.

iiprotocolii3248d ago

Yes, yes. Free is definitely always good. Wish it was like that with everything.

iiprotocolii3248d ago

LOL, What's better than seeing your favorite fairy tale people duke it out? This game looks fun and I MIGHT give it a try... let's see how well it does.

Tomarcus3248d ago

Time to see how well I write.

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