IncGamers: MMO Weekly 27/10/09

IncGamers'Jeff Hollis looks at the role of the healer in MMO games.

From the article:

"No, the folks I'm referring to are the part-time healers. These are players that chose a class because they enjoy a non-healing aspect of the class, but somehow find themselves repeatedly thrown into the healing role. One of my WoW characters – an enhancement shaman – is a phenomenal DPSer. He's in a full set of PvP gear, in fact. Yet, despite this, I have had the experience of *repeatedly* being called upon to heal."

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Fyzzu3251d ago

Yeah, I can relate to this. I had a full-time healer for awhile and I don't mind playing it, but while levelling a Druid recently I had the wonderful experience of being forced to DPS, tank, and heal - generally shifting form at least four times per battle - in an instance, because everyone meant to be doing each of those jobs was inept. Hooray for low-level instances, I guess.

Dorjan3251d ago

I play RDM in FFXI and don't mind healing, although I can only support and not main heal with my gear I've never minded subbing WHM and going pure heal if needed.

Leord3251d ago

Love the pic.

Hate to heal with my retri pala :(

Maticus3251d ago

I don't mind healing at all actually.

But the same thing happens with tanking classes. I've been a DPS warrior for a long time, love it, but recently started tanking due to a shortage of tanks in the guild. Now, that's all I'm wanted for. Sucks.

Redrudy3251d ago

I don't mind performing some healing support occasionally.