OXCGN's Forza 3 Info – All 136 Tracks Available on Release, Loading Hints

OXCGN reveals Forza tracks:

"Forza 3 ships with 100 tracks out of the box on day one. However, within each box you will find a redeemable XboxLIVE code to load up even more tracks and cars which will give you a total of 136 tracks off the bat."

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darkmurder3253d ago

All these tracks but still no Bathurst, but hey at least we got V8's!

zootang3253d ago

Does it have the top gear test track?

XboxOZ3603253d ago

Top Gear have used El Toro Air base in teh past, which is what Forza 3 team used to make up Benchmark High Speed Ring. It incorporates a total of 16 different configurations including 2 drag strips.

Godem3253d ago

+1 for Bathurst and non 'Supercar' Aussie V8's

zootang3253d ago

So, no then. Shame, i would of liked to have checked my time in a Chevy lacetti against the celebs and Clarkson

dragunrising3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )


Does anyone else enable system maintenance from time to time? Does it only remove title updates/patches? Thanks.

I plan on picking up the game today at Best Buy (buy 2 get 1 free :-)

XboxOZ3603252d ago

Like I said mate in the article, I do it approx every few months. It does clear the cache and any stored uploaded updates for games you may have owned, or still own.

You will be prompted to DL the update should you decide to play the game again, but if you don't play it, that area is now free.

I have found it helped on of my 360 stay a live a lot longer than it should have, as I had a release model that persisted for almost 2 yrs before handing in the towel (no, I didn't try the towel trick either).

Plus I noticed that games that were taking their time in screen loading between sections sped up a lot. I try and keep at least 3 gig free at all times, as this seems to be the best space to have spare when playing games. (I only have the 20/13 gig HDD)

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gaminoz3253d ago

Oooo I've been along the Amalfi Coast and man would that be hard to drive quickly....blind corners, almost single lanes that are narrow...but beautiful! I love real world tracks.

XboxOZ3603253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

actually, there's 13 "Circuits that are new, 11 that have returned, making that 24 "Circuits" with a total of 136 "tracks" all up at this time, and there's at least 2 more DLC track packs that I know of.

So currently, when you load the game, then the Release Date Legendary Pack, you'll have 136 "tracks" all up, from 24 Circuits.

That make sense?

No disrespect meant mate, but I have spent the last 3-4 days working non-stop on this, so I think I'd know how many actual circuits there were, and how many tracks that includes . . . . almost all have a reverse, which can often change the whole race style, as banking, exits and entries are completely different, and in some cases, the same track can deliver faster lap times in reverse, than in the normal direction, odd as that sounds.

XboxOZ3603253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Don't count Bathurst out just yet.

The licensing for the V8 Supercars came in really late in the development, so no tracks could be worked on, but don't be surprised to see some later on, as well as the 2 main ones from Nurburgring, the F1 and the Short F1 course, both are absent from the game atm.

One tricky track will be the entire Amalfi coast one and the full Fujimi Kaido, as those two would be the most twisty in all the game, and I don't think there's a straight piece of track on either of them.

NegativeCreepWA3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

To make things clear there's only around 22 tracks, its over a hundred when you include all the track variations.

XboxOZ3603253d ago

Sorry mate, see above comment, stuck it in the wrong reply section.

But just to clarrify things a little, there's a difference between a Circuit and a Track in racing. A circuit is the location of the place, the Racing Circuit so to speak. The tracks are the different layouts or 'tracks' that are at the different circuits.

Like the Le Mans Circuit, yet it has at least 3 'tracks' within it's bounds.

NegativeCreepWA3252d ago

Now that I have the game I take my previous statement back, the amount of tracks in this game is insane. I don't think I'll ever play them all theirs so many.

cornfedgamer3253d ago

More tracks is always good. I wonder if they'll have Kansas Speedway?

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