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Gaming sequels aren't quite as cursed as their movie equivalents. Here are ten gaming releases that significantly improved on the original...

Bigger, better and more badass, the strange thing about videogames is that sequels usually trump the originals. The engine's in place and the success of the original gives the developers more freedom to play with new ideas.

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ikiru33853129d ago

I actually felt Fable was better than Fable 2

bnaked3129d ago

but most sequels are better..

Blaze9293129d ago

whoa whoa whoa...maybe im the odd one in the bunch but i did NOT think God of War 2 was better than God of War 1. I liked GOW1 a WHOLE lot better than I did the second.

swiftshot933129d ago

wow...GTA3 and Half Life 2...its too weird to think of them as sequels because they were so revolutionary...

sunil3129d ago

Uncharted 2 deserves a place on that list !

KiRBY30003129d ago

we all know that final fantasy 7 is a SEQUEL to final fantasy 6. *facepalm* (btw hardcore fans like FF6 better)

sequel: A sequel is a work in literature, film, or other media that chronologically portrays events following those of a previous work.

on that list belongs
MGS2 then MGS3 (technically 3 is a prequel but whatever)
Silent Hill 2
Killzone 2
Ace Combat 2
Cool Boarders 3
Soul Calibur
Max Payne 2
Monkey Island 2
Red Alert 2
Warcraft 2
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

worst sequels?

Devil May Cry 2
pretty much every Tomb Raider games after the 1st

The Matrix3129d ago

Gow II > Gow (both are great games though)

monkey6023129d ago

I actually agree with that list. Fully agree. That's never happened before!

@Kirby. Agreed with DMC 2 for worst sequel ever but I thought Tomb Raider 2 was the best of the series

I must be the only person in the world who actually prefered the first Killzone

n4f3129d ago

final fantasy is not a sequel to final 6
killzone 2 should have been there because the first suck but second one is way better
its seems there is a lot playstation game on this list cause im pretty sure i could think of better sequel on other system

kraze073129d ago

I like the first KZ more than Killzone 2 too.

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PopEmUp3129d ago

but why playstion 2 console there instead of a game? lol

swiftshot933129d ago

Pretty amazing how God of War 2 was better than the first. God of War 2 had much better levels, better puzzles and more boss battles. Graphics were even sharper, story was more epic, and there was overall a better flow to the game while it being longer than the first. Even the beginning for GOW2 was better, and anyone who played the first God of War knows how mind blowing the first's beginning was.

bozebo3129d ago

good call on everything except fable 2, that was a dire game compared to 1.

another good one would be lotr return of the king (game)

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The story is too old to be commented.