NetFlix vs PSN Video Store – Price WAR Begins

The recent news of NetFlix coming to PS3, what will you choose? NetFlix or PSN Store Video...

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Nitrowolf23250d ago

I think it would be wiser to use netflix for now. Its allot cheaper then the vid store cause u pay for individual videos. Its allot cheaper for netflicks for now, unless of course sony comes out with a cheap sub, fee. Either way don't they make money off netflix considering they are allowi ng it to be used off the system? Its a win win for them.

Simon_Brezhnev3250d ago

i do wonder if the prices on PSN Video Store will change now

Zedux3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

common stop it! it's not versus it's more "NetFlix + PSN Video Store – choose what you want!"

Sony is not dumb like some other company lol! Do you think the Japanese would help others make money at their loss!

btw if you want war or flame articles go to the other console as we pretty much are self-confident enough to just laugh at losers!

TotalPS3Fanboy3249d ago

The other is for streaming only.

It's your choice AND your chioce is good.

NateNater3249d ago

If both are available, then why not just use both? Is there a problem with that?

EnzoAmata3249d ago

There is always one important factor, price. That's why we are suggesting there will be a price war...

chisox1003249d ago

ps store should be cheaper since you gotta download it, while netflix is streaming


So I don't give a flying flute ....