Insomniac: PS3 won't be maxed out for 2-3 years

CVG: Insomniac senior community manager James Stevenson has said it could take another two to three years before developers truly start to max out the PS3.

"There's always ways we can become more efficient. The PlayStation platforms are built with a very high ceiling and I think that's part of the success Sony has had in creating these platforms with really long life spans," said Stevenson.

"The first couple of years are all about developers getting games up and working. You see what Naughty Dog has had the chance to do in the past two years. You've seen what we've been able to do in that time. This is where it gets exciting.

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Hellsvacancy3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Id say abit longer then that, no offence 2 Insomniac but i doubt itll b them that maxes out the Ps3

Lucreto3333d ago

He is just estimating I am sure the code could be further refined. We just need to wait another 2-3 years to find out.

Jamie Foxx3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

which is looking better than uncharted 2 and killzone 2 (they have had help from guerilla and ND tool wise) i did ask if it was resistance 3 but was lead to believe its not ....remember where you heard it first

Nihilism3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Why are people acting like that's a good thing, don't people want the best looking graphics now?, or do they want to wait a few more years?, If sony hadn't gone with the hard-to-program-for cell the console would have been squeezed dry already aka better optimisation/better looking games


your the one being childish, i never said there weren't good looking games, but the fact that they claim they won't have maxed out aka made the best use of the set hardware until 6 years after release shows just how hard to program for the cell was

ps2's success is attributed to the dvd drive and the games library, it's common knowledge that it had the weakest hardware of the 3 console's last gen, stop being so deluded

Pennywise3333d ago

dchalfont, Uncharted 2 says hi.

I dont even want to hear another 2 year old cry baby rant about the cell chip. They did it with the PS2 and thats why its life was so long.

leeger3333d ago

i think people misunderstood when a developer says that they have already maxed out the PS3, i think it simply means that they are using all the resources that the PS3 has, however there is a much better way to use all those resources. Let us say the PS3 is like a cardboardbox, and you would like to fill that box with soda cans, you can can simply throw soda cans in it until you fill it up and consumed the entire box, by doing so you were able to fit 50soda cans in it. However if you take some time arranging the soda cans properly inside the box, you can put 100cans in there instead of 50.

Hellsvacancy3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

"Weakest hardware of the 3 console's last gen" so u sayin that the GameCube/Xbox had better graphics then the Ps2? SO THEN WERE R THE GAMES THAT PROVED THAT?

Edit: @ Jamie Fox - i assumed Insomniac were workin on Resistance 3 (which doesnt interest me much) im glad there workin on a new IP - thanks 4 the info brother bubble 2 u :-)

Cold 20003333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Ninja Gaiden, Riddick and Jade Empire just to name a few looked better than anything on PS2 or Gamecube and have a look at Resident Evil 4 on GC for instance, way ahead of anything the PS2 had to offer graphically.

Ninja Gaiden and Riddick could never run on a PS2, I mean like NEVER and same goes for Resident Evil 4 (the PS2 port was way way behind the GC version though it came out a year later.)

And lets not even talk about the mutiplats which ALWAYS looked a lot better on XBOX than on PS2. The gap was a lot bigger than this gen.

raztad3333d ago


Why are you acting like GoW2, MGS3, SoTC , GT4 and several other less known games late in PS2 lisfespan don exist.

As good as Resident Evil 4 looked on the PS2 any of the above games, specially GoW2 (running at 480p) top it.

Noct3333d ago

Here are some announced games that will show the PS3's power.

The Last Guardian
Heavy Rain
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
God of War 3

Potential PS3 games in the future that will

Uncharted 3
Killzone 3
Final Fantasy VII remake (if exclusive)
Kingdom Hearts 3 (if exclusive)
Zone of Enders (if exclusive)
The Agent

Cold 20003333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Im not ignoring those games on purpose and they did look extremely good back in the day BUT like I said a game like Ninja Gaiden, Riddick and RE4 on GC looked better than those games which were graphically the best PS2 games.

The XBOX could easily run MGS3 or GOW2 but the PS2 would never be able to run a game like Ninja Gaiden or Riddick, those games almost look like current gen games to this day. I was playing NG Black a couple of months ago and still couldnt belive how good it looked and Riddick in my opinion looks as good than a lot of 360 or PS3 launch titles. Or another example is Dead or Alive Ultimate: it doesnt look a lot worse than Tekken 6 though it came out 5 years ago.

Im pretty surprised by hells and your reaction, I thought it was more than obvious last gen which console had the better graphics...

raWfodog3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

It's a good thing because it shows that advances can still be made and games will be able to keep improving in performance and appearance.

Your argument about the PS2 only supports this thread because even though it's classifed as 'last-gen', developers were still squeezing more and more out of the technology long after the original Xbox and Gamecube bit the dust. That's Sony's plan for the PS3 as well. Developers will be able to make better games over time as new developing techniques arise. Why blow your entire load now?

Nihilism3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

immature fanboys were so quick to assume i was dissing the ps3 when all i said was that it sucks that it's taken them so long to get proper use out of the hardware. That would be like if a pc industry person came out and said "pc should have proper multi-threading support in 2020", my first thought would be WHY THE HELL DON'T THEY HAVE IT NOW!, *and then the pc fanboys flame me saying "it's a good thing it's taking so long to make use out of current hardware"

you people are pathetic, there are no positives in taking so long to get used to the console console's hardware, i'd rather have maxed out awesome games from the start of a gen, then get better looking games after 3 years, but you people obviously have low standards "please sony can i have some more"


none of the console's did what they promised this gen..."ps3- FULL HD"....anyone know what full HD means, because it certainly isn't 720p with 2* or less aa at 30 frames, and you say your happy?, no wonder developers just reuse old engines and pump out sequels, standards are way too low my friend, if console gamers said "not good enough", when a game like MW2 came out they would lift their game and put some effort in


nowhere in my post did i say there were no good looking games, or that "ps3 sucks", your being immature

"uncharted 2 says hi"- 12 year old response

Feral Gamer is the only one with common sense and you mindlessly disagree, the 360 DOES have a better gpu, that is also common anyone with a reasonable level of maturity. The cell is better than the RSX, when programmed properly for, which it rarely is, it is only just being fully taken advantage of now

sikbeta3333d ago

As much as they can Tweak the engine(s), He is right about that, now we have to see how long it takes to really maxing out the PS3 and if his estimation is correct

jmd7493333d ago

insomniac are very able developers, i wouldn't go on underestimating them. however it is good to see that they feel pressurised by naughty dog, it will motivate them to make even more awesome games. i'm also glad they took the fans reaction of R2 to heart as well, R3 should be great then.:)

ps: can't wait to get my SE pre-order of aCIT from :)

Shadow Flare3333d ago

What do you guys think:

Similar to how sony unlocked the psp a couple of years ago to allow developers to use more of the psp's processing power, do you think sony will unlock the ps3 in the future to make the ps3 even more powerful and increase its longevity? I say this purely because they've done this before with the psp, and also thats its well known that 1 of the 8 SPE's in the ps3's cell processor is inactive. What do you guys think?

nycredude3333d ago


Way to spin this into a bad thing. Let me ask you then what console are you most happy with right now then? You claim you want the best now in graphics and you don't want to wait, but personally I am already happy with the graphics the Ps3 is churning out with Uncharted , Killzone 2, etc. IMO any better than this is gravy on top! Next up is motion control and 3d gaming for Sony. Can't wait!

kws10653333d ago

No. I want to see the graphics keep progressing within a console.

If one says there won't be any better graphics in this console, that implies I have to buy another console to see better graphics, which I don't like. Who wants to pay money to see a better one, while you don't need?

Back to the topic, Insomniac games says I don't have to buy another console for at least 2~3 years and that's great.

Qui-Gon Jim3333d ago

Interesting idea. Remember that the PS3 has one completely unused SPU that was included for redundancy. If Sony decided that there are enough working SPU's in people's machines, maybe they would unlock that one for devs to use. Perhaps even make a way to utilize the SPU that is reserved for the OS, too. Might come down to the fail rate on SPU's, though. Maybe one in eight fail, so that's why they included an extra.

Sarcasm3333d ago

"Why are people acting like that's a good thing, don't people want the best looking graphics now?, or do they want to wait a few more years?"

Because nothing can be amazing right out the gate especially with new hardware. They have to figure it out first and as time goes on, they re-fine their code and eventually we get something like Uncharted 2.

So we ARE getting the best looking graphics NOW for the time being.

It's called progression. Look it up.

MNicholas3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

is not only pushing 40% higher resolution but multiples the gain in resolution with vastly improved textures and shaders. That's not a difference of a few percentage points. That's at least double the net performance.

Certainly, on the evidence available, the PS3 appears to be following the same graphics improvement curve as the PS2.

As for Insomniac, they have some incredible technology already. Resistance 2 was technically one of the most impressive games on the market.

Their water effects technology is easily among the best-looking in the market and the only one that's truly physics driven, ie., it accounts for surfaces disturbances as well as under-water pressure variations caused by the movement of submerged objects. Their simulation of ocean waves in the Kraken fight is breath-taking.

The real-time lighting and shadows are also incredible. Too bad about the slightly cartoony color palette and character designs. From the stand-point of perceived realism, it's certainly one of those game that could have benefited from a "next-gen" filter and more evocative designs. It's one of those rare cases of poor art direction undermining a top notch engine.

NeoCloud3333d ago

Leeger --- thats the best way i have heard anyone put it, Simple and to the Point, Have A Bubble Mate.

TotalPS3Fanboy3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

"...don't people want the best looking graphics now?..."

They do. They are called PS3 gamers. Only 360 gamers would settle with inferior graphics. And if you truely want the best graphics as you claimed, you would have bought a PS3 instead of a 360.

Right, we already have the best graphics with games like Uncharted 2. Nothing on the 360 can compare to it, and unfortunately, nothing on the 360 will ever be able to compare to it.

Though PS3 already have the best graphics, the great news is that it will get way beyond even the best. 2 years from, we will have graphics way beyond Uncharted 2. Beyond the best.

Only the PS3.
Play Beyond.

Qui-Gon Jim3333d ago

Leeger, that was a great analogy.

I think when other developers have said they "maxed out" the PS3, they mean that they've "filled the box," and what Insomniac is saying here is that it will be a couple years before everyone figures out the most efficient way to fill the box and get the most into it.

NeoBasch3333d ago

Will the PS3/360 ever be fully maxed? There will probably always be something that can be optimized. Sure it could take years and years, but it is still possible. However, I'm okay with developers using the phrase, as long as they use it sparingly. It gives you the idea that given the team's current ability, they have fully utilized all aspects of the SPUs, but, even then, how is one to know whether someone is working at full potential? In the end, it comes down to trying. No matter how much effort you give, we can only hope it's your best.

zeeshan3333d ago

I think that after KILLZONE 2, Uncharted 2 is the mind blowing experience. Why? Because all the first party devs are working together. Sharing tips, tech and code. I totally believe that this won't stop here. I believe this is only the beginning. When it comes to First Party Exclusives, I believe PS3 will shine and blow anything that Xbox360 will offer like it already has.

SuperM3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Ironically if sony were to chose hardware that was easier to program for then it would mean weaker hardware and ultimately worse looking games. The Cell was the most bang for the buck sony could get. Sure their launch games might have looked a little better but the progression would be weak.

People want progression, thats how it is. If games dont improve in graphics then the platform will become stale and people will lose interest. We're not acting like its a good thing that they dont max out the hardware right away, it IS a good thing. If we saw Uncharted 2 quality graphics at launch and had the same graphics now we would not be impressed by it. But since it gradually increases there can always be impressive looking games and people wont be bored.

Also he clearly states that they use all the hardware in the PS3 now, so when he says it wont be maxed out in 2-3 years he is talking about coding more efficiently which doesnt have anything to do with how hard the PS3 is to program for.

raWfodog3333d ago

My man, I think you're getting worked up over a non-issue. The point of the article/thread isn't about developers getting used to the PS3's hardware. It's about optimization of the hardware and this doesn't just apply to the PS3. ALL of the consoles, even the 360 and PC, go through the hardware optimization process. It's about squeezing more power/utilization out of the hardware to free up resources for other processes and minimizing the load on the processor. Refer to leeger's (1.5) analogy for another example.

I think people are jumping on you because it seems like you're trying to go back to the old argument of the cell being difficult to develop for. If that's still the case, then imagine what they could do with even more experience and an even better understanding of the hardware. They're already putting out stellar products now...Trust me, this is good.

MNicholas3333d ago

Sorry to see you fell for Microsoft's marketing nonsense. Each of the last gen consoles had strengths and weaknesses relative to each other.

There's not a single game on the Xbox that matches the quality of Factor 5's games on Gamecube which not only looked spectacular but ran at 60fps (most of the time). Super Mario Sunshine was another stand-out.

Similarly, nothing on Xbox matched GT4, God of War, Jak or Ratchet, all of which ran at 60fps.

Each console had standouts the

Xgamerzus3332d ago

Truth, All these great games are essentially 1Rst gen games!!!
THe next wave especially GOW3 are proving that the PS3 is just starting!!

And did you see all the physics being simulated in the new Ratchet and Clank!!!
My god my mouth dropped.
It may be cuetsey and all that but it is a sure powerful title that displays some serious horsepower and Cell coding and artwork.

NOW GIVE US A PROPER Resistance 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take your time!!! take 2 years & Sony give them 40 Million for the game devlopment!!!

TotalPS3Fanboy3332d ago

"Resident Evil 4 on GC for instance, way ahead of anything the PS2 had to offer graphically."

Unfortunately, the GC version of Resident Evil 4 looks exactly like the PS2 version. You don't have to trust me. But you should trust the tv.

"The XBOX could easily run MGS3 or GOW2..."

Unfortunately, the Xbox couldn't even run MSG2 properly, so that is why Xbox would not have been able to run MGS3. It's also why Kojima never ported MGS3 to the Xbox. It was simply not possible.

Arnon3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

I was aware that the original Xbox had more power under it's hood than both of the other consoles.

JBaby3433332d ago

They can't "unlock" SPUs. The last SPU is there to increase manufacturing yields. If one SPU doesn't work they don't have to scrap the entire chip so they can increase production. They can't unlock it because people will have SPUs that don't work so the game will not run well at all. It may be a small percentage but still they can't make games use 7 SPUs because it won't work on machines that did have a defective SPU. The PSP was an entirely different situation. But with what developers are just beginning to get out of the PS3 I think Insomniac is right.

inveni03332d ago

There are developers saying that the 360 isn't maxed out, either, so what the crap are you even talking about. It doesn't matter how easy something is to program for. What matters is how well the code is optimized. Even if you can shave 1ms off in 500 different places, you've just optimized a full 1/2 second on the code. In programming, that's HUGE.

cmrbe3332d ago

Please use common sense.

If Sony put out 7th year level PS3 game in its first year. What then after?. Use common sense here. What comes after is a new gen console. What this means its that you are shorting the lifespan of you console. Sony can never push a console for 10 years with the same graphics from first year to the 10th.

Think about the implications on gamers, the publishers/devs and Sony themselves. Overall it means less return on investment for all involved.

The key is brining out top games each year in progression. Even with U1 in the PS3 first year on the market blew the best game visuals on the x360. This is why MS is suffering now. They blew their load early because it was easy to max out the x360 because it is easy to develop games on the x360. Case in point "gears". After Gears nothing really stood out on the x360 since then. Everyone knows this.

likedamaster3332d ago

I have nothing to say on the matter but that Insomniac have been pretty desperate for attention this past month.

lve2playbball3332d ago

People are dumb. GRAPHICS will not get much better than KZ2 or UC2. This is a fact. The genius who said that the code will be more efficient is absolutely correct. This guy was just talking about efficiency. Anybody who knows ANYTHING about computer hardware knows that the PS3 is limited by the RSX gpu and the 360 is limited by the...xenos? (pretty sure 360's gpu is called that) Either way, the graphics of the games won't get much better than UC2 and KZ2 because of the technological inabilities of the GPU's. (for those inept in computerspeak, GPU= GRAPHICS PROCESSING UNIT. I HATE hearing fanboys and dumbasses talk about how 'the PS3 hasn't reached its potential.' Well the fact is that the PS3 & 360 are PRETTY MUCH maxed out...

TotalPS3Fanboy3332d ago

"I was aware that the original Xbox had more power under it's hood than both of the other consoles."

In theory, yes. In praticality, no.

The only advantage the Xbox got over the PS2 was that the Xbox's video card got bump mapping.

The PS2's video card lack bump mapping, but the VPUs are freaking fast. Which is why in games like Jak 3, the PS2 can push like 15 million polygons per seconds. Raw processing power right there, compare to the Xbox. The Xbox can't handle anywhere near that kind of polygons, so the Xbox just fake it with bump mapping, making everything plastic like and shiny. Like Halo, very low polygon everywhere, but bump mapping everywhere to try to make it looks like there's more polygons.

And then near the end of the PS2's life, the PS2's potential was finally maxed out. Developers were finally able to do bump mapping in software mode in games like Primal and more importantly Jak 3. To be able to emulate a dedicated hardware feature (bump mapping) of the Xbox in software mode while pushing 15 million polygons per second, that's pure power right there.

Persistantthug3332d ago

Yes, the PS3's GPU has a few less features than the XBOX 360's, but the reason that it is able to produce graphics that can rival some of the best PC games, is because of the CELL PROCESSOR.

The CELL Processor can graphics process AND graphics render BY ITSELF. In a rudimentary explaination of sorts, that's equivalent to the PS3 having 2 GPU's. So when you metion the limitations of the PS3's GPU, you have totally disregarded a very critical and crucial element to the PS3's graphical output capacity....the Cell Processor.

So yes, it is possible for the PS3 to produce future games that are significantly better than the graphics we see today.

asdr3wsfas3332d ago

""Weakest hardware of the 3 console's last gen" so u sayin that the GameCube/Xbox had better graphics then the Ps2? SO THEN WERE R THE GAMES THAT PROVED THAT?"

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was a launch GC title that set the record for 6th gen polygon count in the Hoth scene at approx 20 million at 60fps, no slowdown. Look it up.

mal_tez923332d ago

Compare 2006/7 games to Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2, we might not see that much improvement in the next few years but it certainly tells how much much things can change.

On the other hand, Uncharted 1 and Cod 4 are 2 years old and they still look amazing, are we going to improve more than we have since then?

DaTruth3332d ago

If the PS3 was a easy architecture to program for... It would not be a PS3, it would be an XBOX 360 and we would not ever be seeing games that look like Uncharted 2! Yes, we would be seeing the best graphics 2 yrs ago, but they would be 360 like graphics and 360 will never produce games like Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2!

There will be no optimization for the 360, because devs were optimizing that on PC 5 yrs ago! Having a PC like architecture in the 360 means that everything that can be done has already been done on PC, when that was the PC standard.

Devs not only have to make the best hardware look good, but they also have to make their games work on lower powered systems and they do the optimization to get the lesser systems looking as good as possible, and all these devs like Epic have already maxed out PC's at that standard years ago. 360 is no different than a medium PC!

calis3332d ago

"apparently i heard on the grapevine insomniac has a new IP"

Yeah Insomniac announced that around a year ago. They opened a new studio and were working on a new IP.

MNicholas3332d ago

The PS3's GPU and the 360's GPU have different strengths. The 360's GPU can rasterize more polygons and has an easier time with over-draw (ironically, what the PS2 was good at) while the PS3's GPU is geared towards texture detail and pixel-shading.

Read Digital Foundry's analysis of the Ninja Gaiden 2 port of a 360 exclusive. You get a good sense of how the GPU differences reflect design choices and image quality.

They also do a good job explaining how the PS3's discrete pixel-shaders enable superior resolution and pixel shading compared with the 360's unified shaders.

The result is a massive 40% boost in resolution and incredible improvements in textures, dynamic lighting, and pixel shading.

Anon19743332d ago

PS3 games keep getting better and better. I remember when Gears of War launched for the 360 - I was stoked. I thought "Alright! This is next gen gaming. It just gets better from here!"
Then I waited, and waited, but nothing really topped Gears until Gears 2 came out a couple of years later, and it was pretty much the same.

By contrast, the PS3 hasn't been on the market for even 3 years yet and yet you can see the games getting better and better. Uncharted 2 is the most fun I've had in years gaming. And even looking out on the horizon, you can see them continuing to push the envelop with games like GT5, Heavy Rain, GOW3, etc.

I find it a bit disappointing that the 360 hasn't been able to continue to improve (in my opinion), but at least my PS3 is offering developers the chance to continue to raise the bar. I can feel some excellent years of gaming coming on.

inveni03326d ago

It's a little frustrating to see people actually dis the PS3's graphics chip. Yeah...we's not great. But does everyone forget that Sony wasn't originally even planning on using a graphics chip? Does everyone forget that some of the most impressive PS3 tech demos were done using only the CELL Broadband Engine--and without a GPU at all? It's true. The only reason Sony added a GPU was to make multiplats easier to program for. And that's why they rarely look as good as the 360 version. Because the PS3 GPU is not as great. But to real gamers, that doesn't mean JACK. Because the PS3 doesn't need a GPU. Games like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 prove it.

So leave your GPU talk where it the stone age.

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Sonyslave33333d ago

lol ND already max out the ps3 with one of the best game this gen sorry Insomniac.

N4G king3333d ago

you act like its not okay
yet the 360 maxed out loooooong time before the PS3 did

Stinger_2093333d ago

no actually when the 360's was maxed out RROD occured which was soon as it launched

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3333d ago

...the 'xBox 360' MAXED-OUT when 'Gears of War 1' came out!!! ;-D

Hellsvacancy3333d ago

Your not far wrong mate

Bubble 2 u

Noct3333d ago

Announced games that will show the PS3's power.

The Last Guardian
Heavy Rain
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
God of War 3

Potential PS3 games in the future that will

Uncharted 3
Killzone 3
Final Fantasy VII remake (if exclusive)
Kingdom Hearts 3 (if exclusive)
Zone of Enders (if exclusive)
The Agent

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3333d ago

Good find. Bubbles4u;)

This just sounds like the PS1 days + the PS2 days i.e if you look at the very 1st PS1 games and then look at the last few PS1 games you can see a 'BIG' difference in Graphics(just like the PS2 did to) I believe in SONY's PlayStation Brand and they always deliver!!! ;-P

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hay3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Pretty much true. PS3 isn't stopping on "mere Uncharted 2 level".
It's like 2003 for PS2(which was maxed out by GoW2 and FF12 in 2006/2007). It's going to be pretty much similar with PS3. It'll reach full potential around 2011/2012 when PS4 will hit the market.

mrv3213333d ago

mere Uncharted 2 level made me lol.

It's like saying

'Mere Frankie Boyle level of humour'

'Mere as large as a planet'

hay3333d ago

It was meant to sound like that outlining that it'll be much better.

HDgamer3332d ago

PS3 will be around for 10 years, hinting it will be maxed out around 2016

Arnon3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

There's absolutely no way you're being serious rofl. The 10 year life cycle is there to show that Sony will support the product long after the next one has been released.

"We're not going to release any more products until this 10 year life cycle is done! We don't want anymore publicity or money, and ultimately want our competition to run us dry when they constantly release new technology!"

I'll give it about a year or two before it's maxed out, and honestly, this is a very level-headed look on it. Quit thinking the PS3 is some sort of godsend of technology. Just because the architecture of the PS3 is asymmetric, doesn't mean it was crafted by aliens. If the PC's already outdoing it, how do they expect to keep up in 10 years time with the same product while competing against two other companies, who will OBVIOUSLY release another console, not to mention of course, the PC.

waltercross3332d ago

I Think the PS3 Will be maxed out in about 2 years, by then
many other Developers will understand how to work with
the PS3.

Once this happens, Enjoy allot of Good upcoming games because
they will be coming.

But It's not just about maxing the PS3 out, It's Art direction,
gameplay, design etc that can make or break a game.

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piroh3333d ago

people think ps2 was maxed out when GT3 comes out then MGS2, MGS3, shadow of the collossus, GT4, GOW1, GOW2....
PS3 didnt finished yet. Cell can do everything

lve2playbball3332d ago

you don't know it, you're an idiot...Your adoration of the PS3 is cute, but because you adore doesn't mean you know ANYTHING about hardware (or even writing code for games). Like I said before, you will not see much of an improvement over UC2 & KZ2...You will see little things, but NOTHING major. People on here are funny, they act like they know everything about the PS3, like it's gonna save the world or something. I love my PS3 but I am not in denial about where it will go from here.

Feral Gamer3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

In all honesty, I think that the GPU will be the limiting factor as far as PS3 graphics go. The Cell can do a lot, but there's the RAM bottleneck and AA issues which the GPU seems to have. They could almost put the Cell in the PS4 and just upgrade the GPU and add more video RAM

If you're going to disagree, at least state the reasons why. The PS3 has 256MB of VRAM. Just think what it could do with 512mb? I swear people on this site just disagree to disagree.

Bereaver3333d ago

True that, but a good engine can fix all of that.

I mean hell, I don't like the way Carmack talked crap before about him still being the "it" person, but I can agree with him on something. An engine can make or break a game.

I mean..... my computer has more power, more ram, more vram than a psp but.... can computers run psp games at 100%? Nope, it's all about the architecture and the engine that surrounds it, so to speak.

PotNoodle3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

But the funny thing is, the AA issues don't seem to be there on first party games. So the hardware clearly isn't as limiting as what some third party developers are saying.

I don't think the GPU is an issue really either, for the reason i stated above - look at what the first parties can do, the power is there if you know how to use it.

As for the RAM, i think it could of done with more system RAM, not really for games but for the operating system and features. Look at the in-game XMB when it first came out, it was slow and laggy due to memory limitations but as firmware updates have been released they have been slowly reducing the memory footprint of the OS and OS level features which means it has been improved in efficiency.

So yeah, i think RAM was one issue - in the general features side of things, not so much the games side, though it would of helped the third parties more.

(I didn't hit your disagree button, i don't do that)

raztad3333d ago

The cell has 256M of SHARABLE hyperfast XDR ram (3.2ghz)

The dedicated VRAM is 256M (700MHz) but the RSX can freely use the main system memory.

LCF3333d ago

1st off dont be fooled by wiki, those specs are speculate only and not offical specs released by Sony or Nvidia. The RSX is a CUSTOM-BUILT GPU with the Cell in mind. I mean come on the RSX has HDMI 1.3a support. What other GPU on the market had native HDMI when it was released?

2nd you need to think of the Cell as a GPU. The Cell is made for rendering and is being used in the medical field for HD medical rendering.

3rd the Cell works in tandem with the RSX, you cant think of them separate, its not like PC or the X360 which rely heavy on their GPUs. In the PS3 it's Cell/RSX doing the rendering with the Cell doing bulk of the work.

2-3 years...I expected this much. 1st-3rd generation games will look vastly different then 6th-7th generation games on the PS3. I can't say the same for the X360, its tapped out. Normal for a 5 year console.

jerethdagryphon3332d ago

i will agree with you, had sony put 512 of gdr2/3 ram and kept he 256 xdr it would have been an improvment, but remember rsx can steel the stuipidly fast xdr ram if it needs to so clever coders use both rams at different times
upgraded cell ram and rsx2=ps4 i hope then we would see a console shooting forward rapidly out of the starting box

JBaby3433332d ago

Any system benefits from more RAM. But I think the games show it is sufficient to produce amazing things and so is the GPU. The PS3 would produce even more amazing things just by upgrading the RAM and GPU but at present they are kicking out very high quality products.

Can't wait to see what the PS4 has in store for us.

Consoldtobots3332d ago

ah but you see, thats what separates the men from the boy developers.
@3.2ghz 256mb of XDR ram can do the work of over 2GB of the vram. You just have to know how to setup your code to take advantage of the speed.
It's more involved than just banging out lines of code and then just clicking "compile". You have to know EXACTLY what every single one of those bytes is doing at any given time. The level of complexity in parallel coding on the cell is exponential.