Sky dodges PS3 player question

CVG: Sky has dodged the inevitable Sky Player question this morning: 'When's it coming to PS3?'

Sky's Stephen Nuttall told Tech Radar: "So we - Microsoft and Sky - are very focused on making this an enormous success this autumn and working together to deliver a great project.

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Lucreto3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Does the PS3 need sky at all? The PS3 has play tv which is as good as sky.

I refused to get sky. I am under UPC and hd is just being rolled out. I refuse to give any of my money to Murdoch.

Hellsvacancy3339d ago

I hav NO need 4 Sky on my Ps3

Zedux3339d ago

it's coming definitely! what MS says it's exclusive that we then don't see coming to PS3? But when it's the other way around it pretty much continues to be exclusive aka MGS4!

Carl14123339d ago

Took the words straight from my mouth. I really never though Sky was worth so much money, especially when Freeview has the vast majority of the good channels - which PS3 already has, with PlayTV

zeeshan3339d ago

Ok this is annoying. So if Xbox360 starts to take a crap every other over, would the PS3 do the same? Hell no! PS3 already got wayyy to much going. SONY FTW!

monkey6023339d ago

I already have Sky in my house. Wouldn't mind the option to watch it in my room through the PS3 though

WhittO3339d ago

Sony should make a deal with Virgin Media! Imagine having access to their on-damand content on PS3! Plus loads of HD movies and TV Shows on demand now too.

errolthedragon3339d ago

An extra option is always welcome so of course you'd take it if Sky offered something similar or along those lines, I would but then I get all my sky bits for free!.

But take it from me if what I hear is true (very big if) what Sky want to do with the PS3 is nothing short of quality and absolute class, like I say very big IF and a long way a ways.

Got the hump at the mo can't get on Psn for cod and can't get this stupid thing on my 360. Gonna have another look now :)

errolthedragon3339d ago

By the way for those who want to access this now if you managed to download this earlier, go to the quick launch menu and access it through the latest downloads. Works a treat!!

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1233603339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

this is another 180 quid a year and the streaming of sky sucks to say the least,this is only for your everyday channels,premium movies and sports channels are not included. so its pretty pointless and to be honest embarrasing.48 quid a month for the movies and sports channel and no guarantee on your 360 if it should rrod on you .as your be stuck in there 12 month contract if the equipment fails your still be paying the might as well get sky fitted for what this is worth streaming on the slowest broadband provider out there is laughable,if it was with virgin with speeds of 10mb to 50 mb i could understand it maybe but 1.2 mb to 2mb tops is crazy.

Venatus-Deus3339d ago

My problem is why you would want to get sky through your xbox. Netflix I can understand...

If you want sky, wouldn't you just get it installed in your home and have sky+ or SkyHD. It you didn’t want to pay for installation (about £100) then you can always find deals. My installation cost about £20. For the same price you get TV and your bandwidth isn’t sucked into nothingness.

mastiffchild3339d ago

Yeah, it's pretty pointless and Sky can't even provide my vroadband in my area yet themselves! Anyone who knows about Sky knows they don't give anything good for nothing and we mostly poby up for the Prem and mobies depending on whether you're a footy or film fan. Outside of Sports and movies(and the films aren't a great service-I dropped them a while back as U always already watched anything good by the time they get it!)there's very little that many people would wish to subscribe for-I do some channels for the kids-but none of this is gonna be avaiable(IIRC) on 360 and the quality will be pants compared to TV through your HD Sky box anyway.

A Sky streaming service without the good stuff? That will look like crap compared to normal even if you could get what you wanted? I really couldn't care less and even Play TV looks a much better bet to me. I don't really see the point outside of it giving Sky some press and MS some attention and another bullet point to add on Live sub ads.

I already pay for Libe, mind, but one day they'll want more from me as the "features" go up in number and I'm afraid I'm already at the point where I'm close to sacking it-the difference in standard between Live and PSN isn't there to justify it any longer and this won't make a difference to many people AND is a cert to go to PSN at some point anyway. Murdoch's got more greed than Gates and/or MS ever did and he'll want Sky everywhere not just on Libe even if just a few people take this up on Live.

Maybe I'm missing something here?

Venatus-Deus3339d ago

I not quite sure I that bothered about the whole Murdoch / Gates greed thing, however I don’t think you’re missing anything.

It would be interested for somebody else to give a different viewpoint because at the moment, I can’t see beyond “what’s the point”.

I think you might have summed it up perfectly with: “I don't really see the point outside of it giving Sky some press and MS some attention and another bullet point to add on Live sub ads.”


Nitrowolf23339d ago

i don't even think we need sky tv, i mean most of us have cable or satelite tv anyway.

Optical_Matrix3339d ago

Why would I need Sky when I have it installed to 2 TV's in my house already? Let the 360 keep it.

Mr PS33339d ago

Dont need it on my PS3

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