No Dpad - Guardian Soul Review: A Brief, But Solid Action RPG

No Dpad:

South Korean developer NATE Games quietly released Guardian Soul to the App Store recently. Given the fanfare that surrounded the release of GameVil's Zenonia, I am surprised Guardian Soul has received so little attention. The titles are very similar, though different enough that each should be able to stand on its own. But because comparisons between the games are, I think, inevitable, much of this review will be spent comparing the two.

Zenonia veterans should feel instantly at home with Guardian Soul, and the game interface is nearly identical. So much so, I would bet the games were built using the same engine. The interface consists of a semi-transparent d-pad and one main action button. Other buttons for utilizing abilities, items and transformations, and for accessing the inventory and menus are scattered around the fringes of the screen. In game, menus are navigated using the d-pad and action button, just as in Zenonia; the inventory and menu screens are not touch responsive, as one might expect from an iPhone game. Only the game's main menu utilizes touch control.

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